All Day Roasting Company (tpe)

Something intense about the matcha at ADRC.

I wasn’t planning to write about All Day Roasting Company (ADRC), but then, I was 摸魚ing “practicing” my 閱讀 on fb, so I might as well have something to show for it.

That day, coffee essential had me cursed again, so I had to recalculate my path, and eventually found my way back to ADRC, which I had serendipitously passed by early on. I don’t know the story of this coffeeshop, but they seem to take their coffee rather seriously, and have the toys to show for it. They are home to a snazzy Mahlkönig espresso machine, and a Steampunk, an interesting beast to look at.

So, I mainly decided to write this post because ADRC has jumped on the lactose intolerant and vegan bandwagon, and putting a cool spin on it. And anyway, for coffee aficionados, ADRC is a place worth visiting to experience the vibrant caffeinated Taipei scene. Earlier this year, they even hosted the first Taiwan Aeropress Championship! (haha)

Here’s a summary of their lactose and faux-lactose options (taken from this fb status):

  • 全脂牛奶 for whole milk (~3.25% fat), and 低脂牛奶 for low-fat milk (~1%). Frankly, the difference in fat content is so negligible that I don’t think I could make the difference whether I’d order one or the other, but will still usually go with whole milk if given the choice, hehe.
  • 羊奶 for goat milk. Goat milk is available in Taiwan, I haven’t seen it sold at supermarkets, but I do know some people who get small glass bottles of it delivered at their home, and apparently it is lactose intolerant friendly. I have to say that I find this a little intriguing, maybe because I love goat cheese but realized that I’ve never drank goat milk before.
  • 植物奶 for vegetal milk. Instead of going the soy milk route for a vegan friendly option, ADRC is concocting their vegetal milk with almonds 杏仁 and macademia nuts 夏威夷果. A fresh batch is made daily, so supply is limited.

As cool as the ADRC space may be I mean, I do love3 the front area with the glass ceiling which naturally illuminates the place in ways that I could only wish would be the same at my apartment I wasn’t particularly inclined on going back, but this vegetal milk might just be reason enough to swing by again.

Depending on your tolerance to noise, this may or may not be a suitable place to get some work done. Food and desserts are also available for the hungry or peckish souls, which I wasn’t since I happened to have a lovely lunch just before, but that shall be the subject of a next post.  😉

For more information about All Day Roasting Company, follow their fb page, and for more places to get that vegan or lactose intolerant latte in Taipei, check here and here.

(last updated: 2016/10/29 六)


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