Taiwan Politics Reading List

Taiwan Politics Recommended Reading List from Taiwan Take
Check TaiwanTake for the actual links.

TaiwanTake compiled a recommended reading list to follow Taiwan politics, with the respective political inclination/affiliation for each source. A good reminder to subject whatever we read to a grain of salt.

Anyone new to the Taiwanese political scene, or any foreign media journalists tasked with reporting about Taiwan would do well keeping an eye on those sources of information.

It took me a while (Taiwan is seriously confusing!) to make the connection that Focus Taiwan, Taiwan Today, the printed bilingual (super useful to practice Chinese!) magazine Taiwan Panorama, etc… were PR outlets of the government (and inherently, the ruling party), so when it clicked, I realized why I sometimes felt that some articles sounded a little quirky or overly self-congratulatory.1 But after all, information coming out of government agencies – from any countries – are bound to carry a nationalistic tone, and Taiwan is no exception, so what I am I even babbling about? Oh yes, it’s nice to be aware. 🙂

Anyway, it’s good that this list lays it all out for a more informed reading, especially as the presidential race heats up and draws more attention.

  1. One of the oddest example yet was the picture cover of a Taiwan Panorama issue on the topic of organic agriculture, featuring a farming couple with the man wearing a jacket with “Syngenta” written on it. Interesting product placement, to say the least.😉 (Or the cynical me might just be reading too much into it 😑) 

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