Free Screenings at Kaohsiung Film Archives 高雄電影館

Balcony gardening. Snapped while on my way to KFA.

I don’t know if it’s a new thing, but I recently discovered that the Kaohsiung Film Archive (KFA) 高雄電影館 (fb) offers monthly free screenings for selected films.

To know when those screenings are happening, and what they’ll be, check for an overview here, or go to the program schedule online, look for the word 索票, and show up 30 minutes before the screening to snag a voucher from the volunteer usher, in the main lobby.

The complementary showings take place on the second floor, in their “miniature” room 小型放映室, seating only 35 people, and equipped with a modest audio system but which does the job just fine.

In commemoration of the 228 incident, February’s theme「寒夜破曉時 – 從學運遙致二二八」 featured documentaries on recent social movements in Taiwan, and the movie A City of Sadness 悲情城 which relates the story of a family during the White Terror period.

For the month of March, KFA is running movies in remembrance to the tragic 311 earthquake in Japan, while the free screenings will revisit black-and-white oldies from the 1960s「再現風情 – 走過台語片六十年」, in Taiwanese. Not the kind of thing you’ll easily find on BitTorrent, eh! 😉

For more info, check out the program.

(PDF source: KFA. Download PDF.)


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