Me and the 7-11 Factory

square eggs
Checking out the the latest “food creations” from the nearby 7-11.

I’ve read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, by Roald Dahl, so many times in my childhood. When I couldn’t find any inspiring books to borrow at the local library, and this one was still available, I would always end up bringing it home.

I never got tired of reading it, and was always looking forward to certain passages,
like the Square Sweets That Look Round chapter, which sounded like nonsense, but yet, was fascinating to my young and gourmand mind.

The egg white cubes from 7-11 didn’t particularly strike me as appetizing, and puzzled me a bit; eggs are supposed to be round, not squared! The same could be said of square watermelons, but for some reasons, I’m more bewildered by the idea of square eggs (lol).

Ah well, I guess this is as close as I’ll get to visually experience the perplexity of those square sweets that look round, in real life.

Everybody stopped and crowded to the door. The top half of the door was made of glass. Grandpa Joe lifted Charlie up so that he could get a better view, and looking in, Charlie saw a long table, and on the table there were rows and rows of small white square-shaped sweets. The sweets looked very much like square sugar lumps — except that each of them had a funny little pink face painted on one side. At the end of the table, a number of Oompa-Loompas were busily painting more faces on more sweets.

‘There you are!’ cried Mr Wonka.

‘Square sweets that look round!’ ‘They don’t look round to me,’ said Mike Teavee.

‘They look square,’ said Veruca Salt.

‘They look completely square.’ ‘But they are square,’ said Mr Wonka.

‘I never said they weren’t.’ ‘You said they were round!’ said Veruca Salt.

‘I never said anything of the sort,’ said Mr Wonka.

‘I said they looked round.’ ‘But they don’t look round!’ said Veruca Salt.

‘ They look square!’ ‘They look round,’ insisted Mr Wonka.

‘They most certainly do not look round!’ cried Veruca Salt.

‘Veruca, darling,’ said Mrs Salt, ‘pay no attention to Mr Wonka! He’s lying to you!’

‘My dear old fish,’ said Mr Wonka, ‘go and boil your head!’

‘How dare you speak to me like that!’ shouted Mrs Salt.

‘Oh, do shut up,’ said Mr Wonka. ‘Now watch this!’

He took a key from his pocket, and unlocked the door, and flung it open . . . and suddenly . . . at the sound of the door opening, all the rows of little square sweets looked quickly round to see who was coming in. The tiny faces actually turned towards the door and stared at Mr Wonka. ‘There you are!’ he cried triumphantly. ‘They’re looking round! There’s no argument about it! They are square sweets that look round!’


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