Was this an omen for what’s to come?

There’s been a noticeable slow down in activity around here, and so I’ve come to terms with putting a halt to this blog, for various reasons:


😝😝😝 Happy 愚人節

Note here, that 『』(to be stupid, to cheat or deceive) is a homophone of 『』(fish), a witty way to say “April fool’s” in Chinese. 🙂

It’s interesting because the expression in French is “poisson d’avril”, and in Italian it’s “pesce d’aprile”, both literally meaning “April Fish“. Is the Chinese translation an intentional take on the fishy version of  the “April fool’s” expression? Was it introduced to the Chinese language by a French, or an Italian sinologist? Not a question I’m dying to know the answer for, so I’ll let my ignorance get the best of me on this one.

We recently had an episode of rain in Kaohsiung, but not bad enough to prevent me from riding around. Somewhere in the alleys of the Sinsing district  (Tongyong Pinyin FTW, right? 😜), I saw this stylish road sign, and did just what it said, I 停ed.

Kaohsiung is a city growing at a furious pace.

A sight I enjoy today might not be there tomorrow, it might be demolished for good, leave place for something entirely different, or for the luckier historical sites, be the object of renovation.

Too often, I’ve cursed myself for missing out on the daily chances to take a picture of a sight that attracted my attention, so I’ve learned to stop and snap a shot before the opportunity slips away.

I should make this a habit anywhere I go.

While I’m on the topic of preserving things, I recently got to swing by Takao River 河川, a tiny corner of the historical Hamasen area, where a decrepit residence from the Japanese era has been renovated with beautiful craftsmanship. The project was made possible with the support of the 打狗文史再興會社 Takao Renaissance Association.

Takao River 河川 is now a space for the community, and open to the general public. Some events take place now and then: lectures, flea market, and some woodworking workshops which sound super interesting to the inner carpenter that I am not (lol).

The place also offers a restrained afternoon tea menu, in case you want to rest your feet, and enjoy the surrounding atmosphere.

My route of preference to get there is to start from the Pier 2 railway park, and then follow the dedicated railway-bikepath up north, up, up, up, until I get to the cute dead-end, and then turn back towards Takao River 河川.

Sigh, if only this kind of place would be up for rent on 591. 🙄


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