Gaddafi Ray-Ban chic

Never Hide
Words of wisdom…

We had Nazi chic, and now we also have Gaddafi chic, courtesy of Ray-Ban’s Never Hide campaign. Considering the circumstances of his downfall, this makes for powerful advertising, with a gutsy dash of dark humor.

Like me, you might be a bit in disbelief at the ad, but I’m not making this up, and it’s probably still there, at the E-DA Outlet Mall 義大世界購物廣場. I wasn’t particularly enthused to be dragged out there, but at least, I have this unexpected sight to share, and had a good laugh when it caught my attention.

But, don’t get scandalized at Ray-Ban for featuring this personality in their publicity campaign, a little digging online turned up the real source of this stunt. It’s actually a spoof that won best remake of an existing ad (gotta love how it’s flagged as not safe for work) in an online contest, back in 2012! So I doubt Ray-Ban headquarter will be as amused as I was if they were to tour their Taiwan outlets. Yikes! #OnlyInTaiwan #LOL



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