Balaenas sighting

First sighting of the balaenas. June 2016.

Balaenas are starting to show themselves near Pier 15. Imagined as whales, the future performance halls will make up part of the ambitious Kaohsiung Marine Culture and Pop Music Center 海洋文化及流行音樂中心. The project promises a world-class space for music, and marine life enthusiasts, along with a leisure green urban space for all. 

The Spanish architect firm Made In, won the honors to make their blueprints a reality, take a peek at their design plans for an idea of what to expect in this area of town, currently juxtaposed to some old neighborhoods of the Lingya 苓雅 and Yancheng 鹽埕 districts.

Zone 3, this part of the waterfront really didn’t have much going for it, so wishing it good luck on its second life.
Usage of the area, nailed down to each hour of the day.
The bike path will be back, at last! (screenshot from the video below)

The project is optimistically slated to be completed in 2019, so expect more pictures of it on my twitter and instagram. 😀

I also found it interesting to see how others imagined the project.

Runner-up, with a Foam Form concept, by Akihisa Hirata (Japan).
Third place featured a floating grandstand, by Studio Gang (USA). Not sure how practical that is, but I kinda like it! (#)
P:PROJECTS1795_Athletes Village2.0 InternalStage F 1795-2F.
The first honorable mention, “She’s like a rainbow”, had plans for a year-round Holi festival, and a white sandy beachfront with pristine water (?!), by Kubota & Bachmann (Switzerland). (#, #)
third place
The second honorable mention went to a design showcasing a massive abstract building as its centerpiece, by Mack Scogin (USA). (#)

And, in parallel — literally —, the light rail construction is following its course.


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