The Taipei 101 Run Up isn’t a competitive race by any means, actually, it’s more like a fun vertical walk, but I wanted to make sure that I could clinch 2046 steps before the D-Day, so I had chosen the emergency staircase of the eight-floor Kaohsiung Main Library (KSML)高雄市立圖書館 as my training ground. (I recently wanted to walk the steps again, but the path is now barred from the public, the rooftop still still accessible though…)

I’d go in the evening, walk up to the roof top, walk down, and up again, repeatedly, until I reached the steps count. On the final ascent, I would linger above the city to cool down, and chill a bit.

During the school year, students can be seen up there procrastinating taking a break, making naughty jokes at each other, laughing loudly, or simply 八卦ing. Regardless of the academic calendar, a few tourists regularly swing by, locals come to unwind with a view, and then, a couple of lovebirds are always there.

For many of them, it appears to be a 初戀, looking very much 相親相愛, like a 才子佳人. Are they 天造地設? Will they 山盟海誓, like the older wiser 鶼鶼, next to them? Forget 愛河, the atmosphere up there is a bit more 甜蜜蜜, conducive to 談戀愛, and not really to 分手, or maybe only to 分手快樂.

I suspect that 月老 and 兔兒神 must be watching over them all.

月老, the God of love and marriage, might already sound familiar, especially after visiting the Xia-Hai City God Temple 霞海城隍廟 in Taipei’s old district, Dadaocheng 大稻埕, unlike the lesser known 兔兒神, literally Rabbit God, overseeing of same-sex love.

Who says God, also says temple, and we can now thank a young man named Wei-ming Lu 盧威明 for establishing the Wei-ming Temple 威明堂 (might as well call it after himself, right?), located in a modest closet small alley apartment, to worship the Rabbit God 兔兒神 (see official page & fb). Hopefully, he’ll  be casting a few blessings to make Taiwan the first country in Asia to allow same-sex marriage. #OnlyInTaiwan

Back on the KSML rooftop… lovebirds can usually be spotted in the evening, and sometimes during the day when the Kaohsiung weather isn’t turned on roasting mode.

If you’re ever in town, definitely stop by the Kaohsiung Main Library 高雄市立圖書館, here!






2 thoughts on “Lovebirdswatching

    1. Oh, the rooftop is still accessible, just not the emergency staircase, will make my post clearer. I still have not written my Run-Up, post, but did not forget about it. 🙂
      I hope you’re having a restful 月子. 😉


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