No wifi. Just coffee.

There’s a place in town that really hits the caffeine spot for me.

It’s a small place, about fifteen seat downstairs, and ten on the mezzanine floor. Not the best for groups, though I’ve seen some family gathering there. Reservation is possible.

There’s no wifi, no power outlets, just leave your laptop at home, and instead, bring some good company, a good old book, or just yourself. You can sit at the bar and strike a conversation with the very affable owner, head to the mezzanine if you want to enjoy the air-condition to its fullest, or post yourself at the high table facing the front window to zone out at the ongoing traffic or the two-story light fixture shop on the opposite side of the road. Lamps, and lights, what a world of its own.

Too bad it opens only at 10am, but after all coffee is not the traditional breakfast beverage of choice here, soy milk still is. So when the occasion arises, I usually swing by after lunch, to properly conclude this mid-day meal on a sweet note. I can’t go as often as I’d like to, but I guess that’s a reason why I always enjoy and look forward to paying a visit there, where I don’t just down my cup of coffee, I savor it.

From the sound of some customers, this coffee shop appears to have been featured in some Hong Kong and Japanese travel write-ups. It’s also apparently famous for its crêpes stack cake, though I’ve never ate one of my own… yet. But, I can vouch for their other desserts and cookies, the picky sweet tooth eater that I am fully approves!

Just beware of the waffle plates, they are pretty massive, and best for sharing. Also, the shop closes at 6pm, but get there before 5pm to get seated, or else, take-out will be the only option available.

The beverage menu offers pour-overs, regular espresso drinks, mixed coffee drinks with liquor, and a small selection of non-caffeinated drinks. I know I’ll never go wrong with a capuccino or latte, and on days where I’m not feeling dairy, I’ll find comfort in a cortado, or pick something from the single origin menu for a simple cup of black coffee. The owner, who’s also the barista-in-chief is the only one making the drinks, so quality is consistent on any visits.

But, my absolute guilty pleasure there is the house-whipped cream, which is served in some of the desserts, the espresso con panna, or the moccaccino & cream. It’s decadently rich, and you can taste the heavenly cream fat down to the last lick, yum! It’s a detail, but it says something that they choose to put some manual labor in this simple, yet delicious garnish. Or maybe they don’t even do it on purpose (lol), but at least, it doesn’t go unnoticed to my tastebuds and senses. They thoroughly appreciate.

Service is also super friendly, which makes the coffee and desserts that much more enjoyable, and memorable.

If you’re a coffee aficionado, I wholeheartedly recommend checking it out!

See directions, and pictures. 😉




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