Marche ou Crève

My kind of mystical creature 神奇寶貝. 😉

I don’t really know where the French expression “marche ou crève”, literally “walk or perish”, comes from. The English equivalent is apparently “sink or swim“, and there also various references in French culture, one of them being the French translation for Stephen King’s The Long Walk.

In the context of this Friday, The Long Walk is actually pretty fitting.

Despite a greyish sky with continuous drizzle, and 200% of humidity, I still went out for a walk to explore the city, and ended up covering a distance of about 6 kilometers (3.7 miles). Amazing all the small neighborhoods I was able to pass through, all powered by foot!

I had not planned to walk this much, but this is what happens when one’s gets lost, mostly when I thought I was marching west, but actually heading south. If I’m ever to become a tour guide, I’ll have people sign a disclosure that it’s at their own risks!

It was a bit tiring though, having to hold an umbrella all while taking pictures, watching out for big snails on the sidewalk, avoiding the ones already stepped on ☹️, and keeping away from feisty guard dogs. Given the capricious weather, the light for taking pictures was also horrible, so I’ll be having some fun tweaking pictures for that day.

「内有惡犬,請勿進入」- Don’t enter, ferocious dog inside. Phew, I read the sign as I was approaching the hidden beasts. The unleashed black dog was definitely coming out to get me, time to retreat!
Still a little traumatized from the first encounter, I fast walked, and snapped this from afar.

Looking at back these pictures, Marche ou Crève (Walk or Perish) is after all a very appropriate title for this post, lol.

To be continued… in The Long Walk.

PS: more mystical creatures as the one above can be found at the small park adjacent to the Hakkanese Historical Museum 客家文物館. Happy hunting!


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