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Kaohsiung Software Technology Park
From the Kaohsiung Main Library rooftop, looking towards the Kaohsiung Software Technology Park.

The Kaohsiung Software Technology Park 高雄軟體科技園區 is usually deserted during the week-end, but there’s a nice little secret park towards the water which makes for a pleasant walk on any given day of the week.

The Space of Thought Particles 思想粒子的空間 exposition can be found along the way, I had passed by it many times, and always kindly declined the invitation to go in, but recently, in the company of some curious-minded friends, I followed along and went in to check out what it was all about.

We spent about half an hour looking at calligraphy art work conveying various wisdoms about life, watched a live broadcast of a calligraphy giveaway drawing happening in New York, and chatted with some volunteer members of the group behind the exhibit. Though we could all appreciate the act of goodwill in giving without expecting anything in return, we were still intrigued by the the nameless, and apparently leader-less organization facilitating The Space of Thought Particles project.
Lifelong – Only Give – Never Sell 終生 只送不賣, so is their mantra.

Back at home, I tried to learn more about this fascinating encounter, but their website and videos are leaving me with more interrogations than answers…

Anyway, the object of this post is a bit more concrete, still in the spirit of giving but a little more down to earth. After a few years living in Taiwan, I’m still amazed and touched at the overall kindness and generosity from the people here, so I thought I’d give back by supporting two cool crowdfunding projects. (Note: this action was not conducted under the influence of The Space of Thought Particles 😉).


Crowdfunding page:

The first one is a magazine called 台味誌, which promises to share the love about all things Taiwanese, with a first issue on the Taiwanese breakfast 早餐, a second one on swear words 髒話, and a third on the popular bubble milk tea 珍珠奶茶. That’s what’s in store so far, but the crowdfunding campaign has far exceeded the 500 000 TWD goal, so who knows what else they may be plotting.


Crowdfunding page:

Remember Poetries from the Bookstores 書店裡的影像詩? For season 2, a crowdfunding campaign was launched to finance translation efforts in French, English, and Japanese, with the hope to screen the documentary at film festivals abroad (ht: Lettres de Taïwan). The project is still far from its crowdfunding goal, but there are two weeks left, so let’s make it happen!


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