Follow the Kaohsiung Harbor Pilot

Love Kaohsiung? Love boats? Love BIG boats? Love TAIWAN?! 🇹🇼

Then follow this Kaohsiung harbor pilot on Instagram, chong_yang_in, who’s sharing stunning and unique pictures of the Kaohsiung harbor, and its cargo boats which are an inclusive part of the local the seascape, and economy.

Here’s a selection of some favorite ones, which I might update as time goes.

The Kaohsiung Pilot is Present.

Coffee, and a hat adorned with the Hotel sign flag (indicates that a pilot is on board).

Tetris win! Let’s leave the harbor.

The main duty of a harbor pilot is to maneuver big vessels around the local waterways. No small feat given how constantly congested the maritime traffic is in Kaohsiung, and with all the oil or chemical tankers around.


Pilot off board.


Costco, and Ikea delivery!

Maybe time to create solar-powered cargo vessels?!


Different religious beliefs coexisting on the vessel.


This view!

Those commute boats between Siziwan 西子灣 and Cijin 旗津 are real pollution offenders, always leaving a trail of black smoke, and poisoning passengers. At least, they now only allow Cijin inhabitants to carry their non-electric scooters over.



Tugboats can often be seen roaming around the harbor to tow around vessels which are much much bigger than them, very impressive!
There’s also a lion in the picture, can you spot it? 😉


The might of typhoon Meranti 莫蘭蒂.

Opposite perspective. 

I occasionally boat-watch at the Singuang Ferry Wharf 新光碼頭, this is the opposite view of what I’d look at.


Hopper Dregders. 

Kaohsiung is currently expanding its industrial land on the southern part of the city. To get the job done, two Dutch hopper dredgers were contracted.

Here’s the Rotterdam in action. Track it here.

And the Vox Maxima. Track this one here. The picture shows it while moored at the Banana Pier. I happened to be in the vicinities around that time, so got to check it out up close as well, and wow, what a big beast!
It’s hard not to marvel a little at this huge piece of engineering (watch how it works), although its purpose can’t really be commended for for the preservation of the local seabed, and environment.

A Taiwanese dredger.

Hwa Way, more live tracking here.


Kaohsiung & Taiwan.


(last updated: 2016-12-07 三)


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