Some caffeinated links

Merry X’mas from MOS Burger. 🙂

I’m struggling to finish a post, grrr, so I thought I’d take a break from it, and post this quick one to get some thoughts out of my head, and have a small sense of self-achievement from pressing Publish, haha. 😁

I wish I could send a little something (like stationary stickers 😆) to everyone following this blog, or enjoying things (and sometime nonsense) I share on my other social media outlets, but that’s logistically a bit challenging unless I could enlist some little helpers the way Santa Claus does. 

So, I thought I’d share some helpful links in case you’re a coffee aficionado visiting Taiwan, or simply looking to explore the cafés scene here. (Note: get the Perapera plugin to navigate the sites in Chinese)

  • Where the superheroes are (coffee shop map): a beautiful inventory of the coffee shop scene in Taipei primarily, and anywhere the author travels to. It’s in Chinese, but the pictures speak for themselves. I also like his Instagram profile for more coffee shops perusing.
  • Taipei Cat Cafes: just amazing how many of those exist in Taiwan, enough to have the opportunity to publish a book guide from the blog’s articles.
  • a collaborative map with ratings for various factors (time limit, quietness, food quality, etc…), location info, and all that good stuff, but all in Chinese. 🙃
  • Taiwan Working Cafe Map: tried and tested coffee shops for those who want to study or get work done outside of home or the library. The map is maintained by fellow blogger at Synapticism 😉.
A sinfully decacent slice of chocolate cake, at my favorite coffee shop in town.

Lastly, some things to keep in mind:

  • Suggestions from the aforementioned sites and maps are obviously skewed to the authors’ personal preferences, which might differ from yours. Especially when it comes to work/study cafés, one’s requirements for a productive working environment can vary greatly, so you’ll still need to test and make an opinion for yourself.
  • Food places in Taiwan tend to have a high turnaround, and business hours can vary a lot from one place to the other, so always, always double-check their Facebook page for opening hours.
  • Let serendipity do its thing, forget all the links above, go wandering around, and see what you’ll stumble upon. Even if you end up at a place already listed somewhere online, serendipity will tend to make for more memorable memories.

On this note, happy coffee adventures in Taiwan! 😎


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