Gleaning #Taiwan 001

A lot of cool stuff about Taiwan gets shared on social medias. I used to regularly glean some of these bits as part of a monthly digest which silently came to a halt.

I’d like to start again though, to curate a medley of interesting, funny, quirky, or cute content related to Taiwan, or things I come across from the Taiwanese websphere.

I also figured it’d be nice to have a place where I can glance back on things that I’ve Liked across Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc… and might as well share it with everyone. 😼

Old photos which any Kaohsiung resident should recognize. 

Cute animal videos. 😆

Big thumb up to this man, who’s picking up trash on his morning walks, and has motivated me to do the same when I can, even if it’s just a plastic cup.

My bag today on a rainy, pre-typhoon #taipei #taiwan #taipeiclean #1pieceofrubbish #justgrabbits

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I still have a lot of window grills to catch…

Oh, so wrong, Doraemon would never stand for that.

Other interesting sights around Taiwan.

It looks hydrating. #arttaipei2016

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