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Santé, Santé 2016!

Happy New Year 2016, from Kaohsiung!

Per French custom, it is ok to wish a “Happy New Year” throughout the month of January, so I’m seizing the last minutes seconds of the month, to send my best wishes for 2016! 🎊

Santé stands for a cheer, but also health, and good health is what I wish to you, dear followers of this blog. 🙂

I don’t have any new year resolutions to share, but some wishful objectives:

  • convert myself to the cangjie 倉頡 keyboard input, for efficiency and speed (which can be debatable), and because it’s handy to type obscure characters.
  • read more books in Chinese, and blog about them
  • glean more Taiwanese words and expressions. Considering that I have the opportunity to practice it almost everyday, it’d be a shame to not take advantage of it while I can.

Now, let’s get ready to roll in the next Lunar Year! 🙈🙉🙊

Feeling the Taiwan Election Fever Yet?

Though I have attempted to get into the election euphoria, I’ve only really started to feel the Taiwan election fever since last week, especially through my twitter timeline which has been on fire thanks to dedicated pundits on the ground, who’ve been relentlessly covering this future historical event. Continue reading Feeling the Taiwan Election Fever Yet?

#Instagram #Taiwan #HereIAm

Yay, I finally jumped on the (still) “hip” and “cool” Instagram bandwagon, and hopefully won’t ruin it due to my demographics, haha.

I’m not sure my joining Instagram is worthy of an actual blog post, but this is just another venue to share this kooky picture of Taipei 101, and I hope it brings at least a one-second of LOL to your day as it does to me whenever I look at it. Continue reading #Instagram #Taiwan #HereIAm

[FYI] Independent Dairy Farms in Taiwan

Map of a some of the independent dairy farms in Taiwan. (fb/楊靈)
Map of some of the independent dairy farms in Taiwan. Click on the map for a more comprehensive list. (fb/楊靈)

Have you jumped on the boycott bandwagon and banned Ting Hsin’s subsidiary milk brand 林鳳營 (unfortunate for the impacted milk producers, who humm, I imagine were not directly involved with the oil snafu), and now feeling like a lost sheep not knowing who to buy milk from?

To remedy this situation, some Taiwanese netizens joined forces and put together a list of independent dairy farms. I’m actually quite surprised at the number of farms out there, having heard of only four out of the eleven on the map, and there exists many many more. As far as I understand it, milk from an independent farm is usually considered as more trustworthy and of better quality because it is produced and packaged on the premises, instead of having it sent to a cooperative where milk from different sources are pooled together. Maybe the former also treats their cows better and gives them better feed, or not, I haven’t investigated that far, so can’t attest to those facts. 😐

Those independent farms usually enjoy a good reputation, and even with significantly higher selling prices, obtaining a bottle from one of those brands can sometimes lend itself to participating in a round of the hunger games. Just try buying a jug of milk from the NTU Dairy Farm 台大牧場, people in the know will swarm in the tiny store whenever it stocks up, and then mayhem ensues for the next few minutes. That’s at least what I’ve witnessed on my visit. 4ways milk 四方牧場 is another dairy brand that I’ve heard of, they’ve had especially good press for upcyling their cow manure, growing their own hay, and producing cheese, yes, Made in Taiwan CHEESE!😍 Last time I ate at Yasaimura, I saw a batch of 4ways bottles coming in, there must have been a dozen (or maybe more), and all except for one had already been called for, that just goes to show its popularity.

I rarely buy milk these days, so I’m not vouching for any brand in particular, but I thought this information could be of interest for the lactose tolerant of you. It’s good to be aware of our choices. Cheers! 😼

This article is sponsored by the Formosan Association for Informed Consumers. 🐻

[FYI] Updates on GMO Soybean in Taiwan

Pledge to remove GMO food in public school lunches. (fb/校園午餐搞非基)

When news of the last food scandal about the use of animal feed broke out, I was appalled like everyone else, and then, thinking about it further, as the news and consumers were crucifying Ting Hsin, I just wanted to yawn. After all, the food oil company didn’t have to go too far to fetch such a malicious idea, since last year, it is a known fact that livestock feed soybean is imported and used to produce an array of soy-based food (tofu, soy milk, etc..). I seriously can’t believe it every time I type it, and reread the articles in Chinese a thousand times, but no, I am not reading it wrong.

Continue reading [FYI] Updates on GMO Soybean in Taiwan