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Has my 閱讀 Chinese reading improved?

Stone tablet, in Puli 埔里.

Over the years, I’ve noticed a few cues indicating that my 閱讀 had improved, and surprised myself at that! Indeed, I’ve been studying Chinese for a while now, but sometimes it feels like I’m just treading water, so these small epiphanies that I’m making strides forward are always encouraging.

In case you’re in a similar self-Chinese-learning journey, here are some suggested milestones to aim for, listed in the order I’ve reached them: Continue reading Has my 閱讀 Chinese reading improved?


Just another tea shop in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

If I say “Brown”, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Quick, think!

That evening, I went back to the noodle stand at the Jhongsiao Food Night Market 忠孝夜市. While waiting for my plastic bag of noodles, my eyes swept the surroundings, visual stimuli screaming for my attention everywhere. I ended up locking my sight on the signboard right across the street, something about it puzzled my weary mind. Continue reading Brown

June 2015 – 學無止境

Yancheng 鹽埕 district, definitely best enjoyed by bicycle.

This monthly post has been dragging again… let see, I could blame it on the crazy hot weather which hammered the month of June, or maybe the current typhoons coming crashing onto Taiwan. But well, late or not, boring or not, heat wave or super typhoon, this post still has to 生出來! Continue reading June 2015 – 學無止境

Outlier Linguistics – You got me at 祭 and 黑

Well, that’s a first for me, backing up a kickstarter project, which will also happen to be my first paid add-on on Pleco, one of my favorite Chinese learning tool.

The digital press has been generous in covering and putting the word out in support of Outlier‘s crowdfunding campaign, a Chinese dictionary that will take apart sinograms and integrate insights from paleography, hence, offering a new approach to more easily remember Chinese characters.

After seeing many people vouching for it on my Twitter timeline, Pleco’s founder being one of them, I finally took a closer look at the app, tried their demo, watched a few of their videos, and actually learned a few things which eventually convinced me to jump on the band-wagon.

Continue reading Outlier Linguistics – You got me at 祭 and 黑