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Louisa Coffee, let’s get along?

Table with a mobile phone holder option.

Louisa Coffee 路易莎咖啡 is a Taiwanese coffee shop chain. Its journey started in 2006 as an independent coffee joint in Taipei, which has since 2012 grown to more than 300 franchises all over the country. The founder previously worked at Starbucks, which you get a little feeling of when visiting any Louisa Coffee, but with a Taiwanese je ne sais quoi. Prices are a tad cheaper than at Starbucks, light food is prepared onsite, the coffee menu also offers pour overs, all of that in a cozy atmosphere (what the brand is aiming for, at least). Continue reading Louisa Coffee, let’s get along?

Food is Medicine

2016 didn’t let go of me so easily. I ended up catching a nasty cold during its last week. An icky cold, one that impairs the mind to think clearly, and weakens the body enough that performing mundane daily tasks can feel so physically excruciating .

It all the more put a damp on my morale as I’m never keen on letting family which are miles away, be worried about my miserable state, and knowing them feel powerless of not being closer to help with the healing process by cooking me comforting food like only they know how to do. Continue reading Food is Medicine

No wifi. Just coffee.

There’s a place in town that really hits the caffeine spot for me.

It’s a small place, about fifteen seat downstairs, and ten on the mezzanine floor. Not the best for groups, though I’ve seen some family gathering there. Reservation is possible.

There’s no wifi, no power outlets, just leave your laptop at home, and instead, bring some good company, a good old book, or just yourself. You can sit at the bar and strike a conversation with the very affable owner, head to the mezzanine if you want to enjoy the air-condition to its fullest, or post yourself at the high table facing the front window to zone out at the ongoing traffic or the two-story light fixture shop on the opposite side of the road. Lamps, and lights, what a world of its own. Continue reading No wifi. Just coffee.

June 2015 – 學無止境

Yancheng 鹽埕 district, definitely best enjoyed by bicycle.

This monthly post has been dragging again… let see, I could blame it on the crazy hot weather which hammered the month of June, or maybe the current typhoons coming crashing onto Taiwan. But well, late or not, boring or not, heat wave or super typhoon, this post still has to 生出來! Continue reading June 2015 – 學無止境

N7分子冰淇淋 Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream (khh)

Molecular ice cream at N7.

Update (2016/08/31 三): passed by it today, and after all, it is opened! Better give them a ring if you plan to go there.

Update (2016/06/24 五): I’ve passed a few times by this place recently, and it’s always been closed… so don’t waste time trekking there.

Did you know that Kaohsiung had a liquid nitrogen ice cream shop? Not only that, it claims to be Taiwan’s first of its kind, a fact that I’ve left uncheck… Continue reading N7分子冰淇淋 Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream (khh)