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Chilling at Café Douceur 甜在心咖啡館 (tnn)

Café Douceur
Kids’ friendly storefront with swing seats (parental supervision recommended) and a small wooden house.

Ever since TRA started allowing the iPass 一卡通 on its southern railway network, drifting over to Tainan has gotten that much easier. No longer need to queue up to purchase a train ticket, just swipe the iPass, jump onboard, and thirty minutes or an hour later depending on the trains, welcome to Tainan!

Well before roasting coffee beans in-store was “the thing”, Café Douceur was already at it. The owners were and still are committed to coffee. Tucked in a small alley on the front side of the Tainan main train station, the coffee shop appeared the same as I remembered it to be, but then looking at older pictures, I realized that I was experiencing a memory failure. The furniture had actually gone through a makeover with study tables and four-legged chairs giving way to coffee tables and sofas, creating a cozy atmosphere for chatting instead of studying. On an elevated platform on the back, they had also created a Zen corner with a small coffee table re-purposed into a chabudai,  and since that was the last empty spot, I felt lucky to be seated there, or so I thought. Continue reading Chilling at Café Douceur 甜在心咖啡館 (tnn)

Reminiscing of Spanish mackerel soup 𩵚魠魚焿 (tnn)


During my evening workout session last week, looping endlessly through the same moves, my mind naturally started wandering towards happier thoughts to relieve some boredom and ease the pain. As the title of this article gives it away, I ended reminiscing about my lunch, some thickened soup with thin rice noodles and fried pieces of a Spanish mackerel, or best known as 𩵚魠魚焿 (tǔ tu​ō y​ú gēng) also written as 土魠魚羮/羹/焿.

I was mentally salivating about those generous little chunks of fish, marinated, breaded, fried, seasoned with pepper and salt, like an improved version of the ubiquitous Taiwanese pop-corn chicken found at all night markets, but better thanks to the tenderness of the fish. Continue reading (en français aussi)

Anping 安平: its Bean Jelly and Beach

Anping Bean Jelly To Go Splash
DO NOT try this with douhua 豆花 still in it! 😉

Let’s play hooky today, get on a train to Tainan, hop on a scooter, and zigzag through the small alleys, pass by historical sites, and stop here there at small eateries 小吃 which the city is known for.

Let’s seize the day, head east to Anping, make a religious stop at the Anping BeanJelly, a 40+ years old shop still going strong, for some douhua 豆花 (sweet tofu). I don’t remember my first spoonful of douhua there, but on a subsequent visit, I had enjoyed a lemon boba (tapioca pearls) douhua, it hit the spot and I’ve ordered ever after, each time ferociously making clear to my companions that my portion will not be open for sharing. Continue reading. (aussi en français)