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Taipei – Minsheng Community 民生社區

The Minsheng Community, split into its neighborhoods 里.(source: blame Living Lab for the low-quality of the map 😵)

I have to admit that Instagram is not a bad APP to discover places or just about anything that strikes your fancy.1 Some snapshots from IG (as Instagram is commonly referred to in Taiwan) actually got me motivated to explore a new part of Taipei, in the Songshan district 松山區.

I originally wasn’t planning on writing an introduction of the Minsheng Community 民生社區, but as I read more about it, I felt that it deserved its own dedicated post. This shall also provide a little context for some upcoming posts. Continue reading Taipei – Minsheng Community 民生社區

Soy latte woes in Taiwan

Soy lattes are indeed not easy to come by in Taiwan, which is rather paradoxical considering the popularity of soy milk, especially at those traditional breakfast shops.

Last summer, Starbucks started to offer such soy latte, a new offering worthy of a TV news story. Other coffeeshops likely took a cue from that and also started to offer soy lattes as well. Continue reading Soy latte woes in Taiwan

Cari de madame 咖哩娘 (tpe)

Full House. (fb/
Full House. (fb/

I don’t remember how I got wind of Cari de madame 咖哩娘, but after reading up about it and checking pictures on their fb page, I made sure to go feast there on whenever my next trip to Taipei was to be. Until that journey occurred, I found myself craving curry now and then, my mind kept flashing back to pictures of their trays of spices, and I’d end up sighting, knowing it wouldn’t be another couple of weeks before I’d head up to the capital again. But after all, as the saying goes, hunger is the best spice… although, in this case, there was maybe a spice that was one too many, and it wasn’t hunger. Continue reading Cari de madame 咖哩娘 (tpe)

Shallow Aquatic Addiction and a Sea of Fruits and Vegetables

A fishy wall :o
There’s something fishy about this wall :o. No, really, seriously, there is ;).

You may have notice the almost absolute absence of sushi, sashimi and any other raw seafood dishes on my blog. I blame my DNA for it, I just don’t gravitate around seafood, and if I do, I prefer it cooked.  Nevertheless, I still love strolling through fish markets to observe those little, and sometimes huge, treasures from the sea.

Earlier this year, I welcomed a canuck friend, who happens to love seafood, and so, while putting together an itinerary to show her the best of Taipei, Addiction Aquatic Development (AAD) came to mind. Still a foreign territory to me, I had put all my trust on a few positive blog reviews to ensure a visit that’d be worth our time.

The day before our excursion to AAD, I inquired Google Maps for public transportation alternatives, and was presented with just one bus route, although once at the bus stop the following morning, came the unpleasant surprise that it was actually a ghost bus. With a tight sightseeing schedule, time was of the essence, so we jumped into a taxi and made our way to there. Continue reading Shallow Aquatic Addiction and a Sea of Fruits and Vegetables