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Taipei 101 Vertical Run/Walk

Throwback to 2015.
12th edition of the Taipei 101 Vertical Walk/Run.

The Taipei 101 Vertical Run/Walk takes place every year, usually in early May. Registration opens about a month before the event, and sells out within a few days.

I signed up for the 2015 edition as soon as the online form was available, the process was pretty straightforward, with an English interface available. The fee back then was 800 TWD for an individual registration.

This is more of a fun than competitive event, unless you’re part of the professional group who races for performance, and a cold hard cash reward. One of them shared some interesting insights on her preparation, and Taipei 101 experience. In it, she alluded to some “monster steps”, which made me think of those huge irregular stone steps going up Elephant mountain 象山, 😱! Continue reading Taipei 101 Vertical Run/Walk



The Taipei 101 Run Up isn’t a competitive race by any means, actually, it’s more like a fun vertical walk, but I wanted to make sure that I could clinch 2046 steps before the D-Day, so I had chosen the emergency staircase of the eight-floor Kaohsiung Main Library (KSML)高雄市立圖書館 as my training ground. (I recently wanted to walk the steps again, but the path is now barred from the public, the rooftop still still accessible though…)

I’d go in the evening, walk up to the roof top, walk down, and up again, repeatedly, until I reached the steps count. On the final ascent, I would linger above the city to cool down, and chill a bit. Continue reading Lovebirdswatching