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June 2015 – 學無止境

Yancheng 鹽埕 district, definitely best enjoyed by bicycle.

This monthly post has been dragging again… let see, I could blame it on the crazy hot weather which hammered the month of June, or maybe the current typhoons coming crashing onto Taiwan. But well, late or not, boring or not, heat wave or super typhoon, this post still has to 生出來! Continue reading June 2015 – 學無止境

May 2015 – 戰勝自己

Love the funky drawings at this friendly juice stand. ^^ (a cute one from last year.)

Well, I’m currently surfing on a Murphy’s Law wave of some sort, so I’ll make this one short, and avoid delaying this monthly post more than it is already. 😖

I’ve written quite a few posts since starting this blog, so I did a little curation to unearth some of the more interesting articles, as can be seen on the right column. I’m still fixing broken links here and there, because how annoying is it to click and land on an page that is no more As much I can, I try to avoid this deception, but really, what is really needed is a complete facelift for this blog, in a near near future, I hope!

Thanks for following. 🙂 Continue reading May 2015 – 戰勝自己

April 2015 – 亡羊補牢

The crane who was also a giraffe, sailing aboard the Ocean Researcher I, seen here taking a rest. Spotted at the Pier-2 Art Center 駁二, Kaohsiung 高雄.

If I didn’t blog much in April, I’m at least happy to have finally published the book review of 《我的青春、我的FORMOSA》, and even mustered the energy to write a French version of the post, oh la la! If you’re studying Chinese or are already a Chinese literate  and looking for a friendly introduction to the recent history of Taiwan, I highly recommend it.

Looking up information, writing and translating used up more blogging bandwidth than expected, and so partly explains the slower activity around here, as of late. Continue reading April 2015 – 亡羊補牢

March 2015 – Do good

A lovely new coffee shop with good coffee and good ethics, what's not to not like about it?
Do good. A lovely new coffee shop with good coffee and good ethics, what’s not to like about it? 🙂

March is gone, taking with him some the smog that’s been hovering over Kaohsiung for the past few weeks. The thermostat has noticeably been cranked up a notch, which is nice, although a little rain would be very much welcomed too. It’s been raining every so often, that whenever it does, I’ve come to appreciate the sound of raindrops free falling onto the roof and windows, and the breath of freshness that it brings, so yeah, plum rain season 梅雨節, bring it on! Continue reading March 2015 – Do good

February 2015 – 洋洋如意

慈善大龜王 (Benevolent Giant Turtle King). It’s that time of the year again, where the giantest turtle in Taiwan comes out. Whoever will win the divination block competition gets to take home this 18 tons baby, made up of 3600 bags of rice noodles, among other dry foods. At night, it makes a small pilgrimage around the block and stops near the Sanduo intersection to stretch its head and feet, indeed, they’ve made it so that it moves. XD
There’s actually also an army of turtles in smaller sizes at the Yi Cheng temple 意誠堂, located near the Sanduo shopping district, so if you’re in the vicinities (until March 7th), stop by for a look, else, there’s always next year. 🙂

February is already gone, yikes! I’ve managed to post something twice a week, except for the last one where I went MIA, on the East coast.

I never got serious about planning a trip to Hualien 花蓮, put off by the idea of a long train ride, and then found out it’d take only four hours, for 1251 NT round-trip. This sparked my motivation to at last organize a short get-away to Hualien. Continue reading February 2015 – 洋洋如意