Farmers’ Markets in Taiwan

Final touches on the Hsing Da Farmers' Market Mascot (fb/NCHUfarmersmarket)
Final touches on the Hsing Da Farmers’ Market Mascot (fb/NCHUfarmersmarket)

Farmers’ Markets  as in organic farmers’ markets  in Taiwan are fairly recent, the first one opened the ball in 2006 in the city of Taichung, thanks to the effort of Ray Tung, a professor inspired by farmers’ market he had known while studying in the United States of America, and took it upon himself to start the first farmers’ market in Taiwan. For more details on those beginnings, I recommend reading this article, Taiwan’s First Organic Farmer’s Market, written by William Stimson.

Before getting all hyped up, I should warn you that some markets are more modest than others in terms of produce available, so do not always expect the kind of farmers’ markets you may have known in Europe, New-York, San Francisco, etc… Also, as you visit the farmers’ markets, you will notice that some farmers will put forth their organic certifications, while others choose not to go through the costly and time consuming process to get certified but nonetheless promote pesticide-free agriculture. Some markets may also offer paid-membership to enjoy discounts on purchases or earn a reward by accumulating money spent.

I plan to write more about shopping for food in Taiwan, but for now, I just want to introduce a list of existing farmers’ markets in Taiwan, so that more people can enjoy them and support small producers at the same time. The list of farmers’ markets mainly originates from Buy-Directly-From-Farmers (直接跟農夫買), it is all in Chinese, so yours truly has gone ahead and translated it. If you want to reuse the information provided here, don’t forget to link back to this page, out of courtesy, thanks!

For now, the list is split in three parts: Farmers’ Market in North Taiwan, Farmers’ Market in South Taiwan, and Farmers’ Market on the East Coast of Taiwan. The list isn’t exhaustive, and I’ll be completing it as I find out about other farmers’ markets. I’m leaving the addresses in Chinese as the romanization standards in Taiwan are a bit funky, but paste that into Google Maps and it will get you there. Else, you can simply use the maps I’ve created.

This Farmers’ Market section of the blog is a work in progress, so expect some updates. I don’t guarantee 100% accuracy of the information provided, so use them at your own risk… of getting lost or else, but I hope not!

Comments, tips, corrections of outdated information are all very much welcomed! Thanks and enjoy! 🙂

 (last updated: 2015/01/17 六)

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    1. Hi! Thanks, I just fixed the first link, it seems like the second one is RIP. The address is still on Zhonghua Road but no exact number, so I hope that you can easily find it if you go. 🙂


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