Farmers’ Markets in North Taiwan

Information on this page was originally compiled in 2013 and gets updated if I happen to notice a change, so it is highly advised to double check the time and location before visiting any of the farmers’ market listed below.

Don’t forget to read the introduction, if you haven’t done so yet.

Taipei 台北

** Bow To The Land Farmers’ Market – 彎腰農夫市集 **
When: Every third Sunday of the month from 10:00~17:00, check blog for exact dates.
Where: National Chengchi University, Center for Public & Business Administration Education building 政大公企中心, 台北市大安區金華街 187 號

**  Farmers’ Market 248 – 248農學市集 **
When: Friday from 14:00~20:00 & Saturday from 10:00~17:00
Where: in the Da’an district, 台北市大安區忠孝東路4段248巷
Note: Market 248 is actually an organization with multiple markets.

**  Simple Farmers’ Market – 簡單市集 **
When: each Sunday from 14:00~20:00
Where: in the XinYi district, 台北市信義區松勤街50號

**  Hope Farmers’ Market – 希望廣場農民市集 **
When: each Saturday & Sunday from 10:00~18:00
Where: in the ZhongZheng district near the electronics markets, 台北市中正區八德路一段49號

** Water Garden Farmers’ Market – 水花園農夫市集 **
When: each Saturday from 13:00 – 18:00
Where: in the ZhongZheng district, 台北市中正區思源街1號

Xinbei 新北

**  Bird Flying Around The Globe Farmers’ Market – 漂鳥環球市集 ( 環球購物中心旁 **
When: each Sunday from 12:00~17:00
Where: at  MingYou Park 民友公園 near 新北市中和區中山路3段122號
Note: GMap does not indicate MingYou Park 民友公園 so you’ll wander or ask around.

** Linkou Farmers’Market – 林口台地農夫市集 **
When: Saturdays on even number dates from 13:30~17:00
Where: in XinBei, 新北市林口區仁愛路二段226巷

***** New Taipei City Farmers’ Market Association *****

** Xinbei Danshui Farmers’ Market – 新北市集@淡水 **
When: each Saturday from 10:00~18:00
Where: Danshui MRT Station, 新北市淡水區中正路1號

** Xinbei Bitan Bridge Farmers’ Market – 新北市集@碧潭 **
When: each Sunday from 10:00~18:00
Where: under the Bitan bridge 碧潭吊橋, near the dike

** Xinbei Sanzhi Farmers’ Market – 新北市農夫市集@三芝共榮社區 **
When: each Saturday from 10:00~17:00
Where: please look at the map

** Xinbei Shenkeng Farmers’ Market – 新北市集@深坑 **
When: each Saturday from 10:00~17:00
Where: in Shenkeng Baozi Lun 深坑炮子崙, but I don’t have more details…

** Xinbei Yingge Farmers’ Market – 新北市集@鶯歌 **
When: each Saturday from 11:00~17:00
Where: near the Yingge Ceramics Museum, 新北市鶯歌區文化路200號

Taoyuan 桃園

**  Taoyuan Green Farmers’ Market – 桃花源綠市集 **
When: each fourth Saturday from 9:00~14:00
Where: in PinCheng city, 桃園縣平鎮市環南路3段88號
Note: the address on GMap points to a library, but there should apparently be a social building around with a plaza where the market takes place

**  Taoyuan Farmers’ Market – 桃花源綠市集 **
When: Sunday, 4pm-6pm (3pm-7pm in July, August and September)
Where: near the Performing Art Center, 桃園縣桃園市中正路1188號

Hsinchu 新竹

** Dragonfly Farmers’ Market – 竹蜻蜓綠市集  **
When: each first and third Saturday from 9:00~14:00
Where: near the lake of Ching Hua University, 新竹市東區光復路二段101號

Miaoli 苗栗

** Tongluo Farmers’ Market –  銅鑼鄉假日有機農夫市集 **
When: each Sunday from 9:00~16:00
Where: in Tongluo village on route 119 at the 27 km, 銅鑼鄉苗119線27公里處玉麟橋旁
Note: because I am not 100% sure of the location, go at your own risks 😕

Taichung 台中

**  Hope Farmers’ Market – 合樸農學市集 **
When: each second Saturday from 9:00~14:00
Where: in Hsitun district, 台中市西屯區西平南巷6-6號

**  Hsing Da Farmers’ Market – 興大有機農夫市集 **
When: each Saturday from 8:00-12:00
Where: near Chung Hsing University, 台中市南區國光路中興大學 惠蓀堂
Website: (fb)

** MIT Farmers’ Market – MIT興大驗證農產品市集  **
When: each Sunday from 8:00~12:00
Where: at Chung Hsing University, in front of the small assembly hall, 台中南區國光路250號
Website: (fb)

**  Tiger Paw Farmers’ Market – 虎腳庄農夫市集 **
When: each Sunday from 8:00~12:00
Where: in Yongfeng village, 台中縣外埔鄉永豐村六支巷與永眉路交叉口

Yunlin 雲林

**  Yunlin Friendly Farmers’ Market – 雲林斗六 三小市集 **
When: each Sunday from 9:00~13:00
Where: near the Memorial hall, 雲林縣斗六市社口里府前街43號
Website: (fb)

 (last updated: 2015/01/17 六)

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