For-mooaaarr-sa, get it? 😉

This is non-exhaustive list, which I’ll be updating as my findings and curating goes.


  • Chong-Yang IN (IG) – exceptional glimpses of the Kaohsiung harbor
  • formosajmac (IG) – snapshots of the rugged streets and suburbs of Kaohsiung
  • JR Chen’s Transportationg World (FB, IG) – public transportation in KHH
  • Paul and Chloé (YT) – vlog from a lovely British couple living in Kaohsiung
  • The World is Not That Big (site) – about living in Kaohsiung
  • Dave Flynn Photography (site) – goodness from the streets of Kaohsiung
  • 苓雅寮 (blog in 中文) – photo-diary of the Lingya district
  • Takao Renaissance Association 打狗文史再興會社 (site, FB in 中文) –  watchkeepers of the historical Yancheng district in Kaohsiung

Useful links:

Food talk

  • Self-taught gourmet (FB) – current dining scene in Taiwan
  • Taiwan Duck (site, YT) – best place online to learn Taiwanese cooking! With a lovely and funny host.
  • Hungry in Taipei (blog, IG) – since 2005, and still going!
  • Where the superheroes are (blog, IG in 中文) – ultimate guide to stay updated with the coffeeshop scene in Taipei. I love love love this site! 😍
  • Clarissa Wei (site) – …stories from all over 台灣
  • Taipei Cat Cafes (blog) – cat cafes in Taipei and around Taiwan

Formosa nostalgia

  • 老房子俱樂部‧Old house club (FB in 中文) – Old houses all over Taiwan.
  • Taipics (site)- an archive of over 7000 historical Taiwan pictures…
  • Database of old photos from NTU (site) – handy to look up with keywords
  • 好舊。好 Old is Good (site in 中文) – Revival of old houses in Tainan

Politics & Society

  • Frozen Garlic (site) – Taiwanese political punditery
  • Ketagalan Media (site) – reflections on current issues related to Taiwan
  • (site, Twitter) – English translations  and comments of Taiwanese news
  • Letters from Taiwan (blog) – comments on current political and social events
  • 上下游News&Market (site, FB in中文) – environment, agriculture, food, activism

Mandarin Chinese/Taiwanese/Hakka Language

  • 客家小吵 Hakka Fighter (FB in 中文) – fun way to learn short phrases in Hakka
  • 台灣話的語源與理據 (blog in 中文) – about Taiwanese etymology and linguistics
  • Far From Formosa (blog) – researched articles with an academic touch
  • Pinyin Info (site) – making sense of all the Chinese romanizations Taiwan has to offer 😜
  • Translating Taiwanese Literature (blog) – deciphering Mandaring Chinese and Taiwanese
  • En Route To Fluency (blog) – Chinese learning tips

Life in, and slices of Taiwan

  • Foreign Sanctuary (blog) – daily life in Taichung
  • Goteamjosh (blog) – photoblog and reports from, based in Taoyuan
  • m_u_s_e___ (IG) – lovely Taipei…
  • Synapticism (blog, Twitter) – urban exploration, abandoned places of Taiwan
  • Tricky Taipei (site) – design & lifestyle in Taiwan
  • Taiwan Explorer (blog) – travel information, and opiniated articles

Special topics

  • The House of Two Bows 雙寶之屋 (blog) – about stray dogs in Taiwan
  • Taiwan’s Waterfalls (site) – very informational reviews of waterfall hikes
  • Taipei Running (blog) – keeping up with races, and running trails around Taipei
  • Audrey Tang 唐鳳 (blog, Twitter, FB) – outspoken civic hacker
  • Never Forgotten (site) – The story of the Taiwan POW Camps…
  • 台灣演義 (YouTube) – short documentaries of influential Taiwanese figures

For fun

  • Doca 豆卡 (fb in 中文) – cute comic strips, with short sentences for 閱讀 practice


  • (中文 only)- collaborative map with ratings (time limit, quietness, food quality, etc…).

No longer active

  • Humans of Taiwan (FB) – anecdotes from people living in Taiwan
  • Love Dadaocheng (site, FB) – sharing the love of an historical neighborhood of Taipei
  • Wandering Taiwan (blog) – one of the better blogs, from the early days of the Taiwan English-blogosphere
  • Shu Flies (blog) – curating the best of Taiwan & Taipei

For moarrr, check out recommendations from other fellow bloggers:

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