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Louisa Coffee, let’s get along?

Table with a mobile phone holder option.

Louisa Coffee 路易莎咖啡 is a Taiwanese coffee shop chain. Its journey started in 2006 as an independent coffee joint in Taipei, which has since 2012 grown to more than 300 franchises all over the country. The founder previously worked at Starbucks, which you get a little feeling of when visiting any Louisa Coffee, but with a Taiwanese je ne sais quoi. Prices are a tad cheaper than at Starbucks, light food is prepared onsite, the coffee menu also offers pour overs, all of that in a cozy atmosphere (what the brand is aiming for, at least). Continue reading Louisa Coffee, let’s get along?

Some caffeinated links

Merry X’mas from MOS Burger. 🙂

I’m struggling to finish a post, grrr, so I thought I’d take a break from it, and post this quick one to get some thoughts out of my head, and have a small sense of self-achievement from pressing Publish, haha. 😁

I wish I could send a little something (like stationary stickers 😆) to everyone following this blog, or enjoying things (and sometime nonsense) I share on my other social media outlets, but that’s logistically a bit challenging unless I could enlist some little helpers the way Santa Claus does.  Continue reading Some caffeinated links

No wifi. Just coffee.

There’s a place in town that really hits the caffeine spot for me.

It’s a small place, about fifteen seat downstairs, and ten on the mezzanine floor. Not the best for groups, though I’ve seen some family gathering there. Reservation is possible.

There’s no wifi, no power outlets, just leave your laptop at home, and instead, bring some good company, a good old book, or just yourself. You can sit at the bar and strike a conversation with the very affable owner, head to the mezzanine if you want to enjoy the air-condition to its fullest, or post yourself at the high table facing the front window to zone out at the ongoing traffic or the two-story light fixture shop on the opposite side of the road. Lamps, and lights, what a world of its own. Continue reading No wifi. Just coffee.

Coffee Creation Talk

I ran into an interesting TEDxTaipei video in chinese today, Van Lin 林東源 from Gabee came on stage to share his creation process. Using his sweet potato coffee creation as an example, he talks about his efforts to pair coffee with the best of Taiwanese produce, hence, promoting his passion for coffee in Taiwan and at the same time showcasing Taiwan on the international stage.

I don’t know about his tomato coffee drink, but his sweet potato coffee sounds somewhat intriguing, I can imagine the two going well. Here’s the anatomy of the sweet potato cocktail, with English translations courtesy of yours truly ;), and enjoy the video afterwards.

Anatomy of the sweet potato coffee cocktail
Anatomy of the sweet potato coffee cocktail

TEDxTaipei – Van Lin – Creative and Fancy Coffee (林東源 – GABEE.創意咖啡)

I, myself, haven’t gone to the coffeeshop nor tasted the drink, but here are their location for those of you who are curious about it.