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#Instagram #Taiwan #HereIAm

Yay, I finally jumped on the (still) “hip” and “cool” Instagram bandwagon, and hopefully won’t ruin it due to my demographics, haha.

I’m not sure my joining Instagram is worthy of an actual blog post, but this is just another venue to share this kooky picture of Taipei 101, and I hope it brings at least a one-second of LOL to your day as it does to me whenever I look at it. Continue reading #Instagram #Taiwan #HereIAm

Rice Seedlings Season

Kids transplanting rice seedlings (fb/ntpcmart5)
Kids transplanting rice seedlings (fb/ntpcmart5)

The season of transplanting rice seedlings has begun not long ago, and soon coming to and end. An opportunity for farmers to organize educational activities around it by inviting kids and adults alike to experience that process for themselves. Rice harvest will take place in a few months, in July, another good time to venture in the countryside.

Blog update: the farmer’s market page has been updated with all five markets from the New Taipei City Farmers’ Market Association, 新北市農夫市集.

Recent Cool Links

I happen to run into some interesting blogs and news today, so let me share them here:

  • the blog Delicious Taipei, which actually focuses on raw food and Indian cooking. I am not a raw food adept, but find that it can be a great source of inspiration to cook differently. It is always amazing to discover new ways of transforming ingredients into delectable dishes. Example in case, who knew there was such a thing as raw nut cheese? Now, does it taste good? That’s another question 😉
  • an article from the Taipei Times, “Resistant starch helps farmers solve banana oversupply“, excess of green bananas will now be transformed into resistant starch and imported to Japan. Resistant starch, as I learned, is also gluten-free, and apparently, works great in making pasta. Now, I wonder what the Japanese will use it for…
  • a blog post from Dreadlock Travels, who brings us an interview with Ryan Parson, the mastermind behind the Kaohsiung International Food Festival, taking place this week-end.
  • What is the Kaohsiung International Food Festival, you ask? Here’s their digital ad:

赤肉胡椒餅 Pepper Bun near Longshan Temple


In the Layover Taipei, Bourdain ventures in at the Raohe night market 饒河夜市 for some hújiāo bǐng 胡椒餅, literally meaning pepper bun, but is actually traditionally stuffed with seasoned minced pork and green onions.

I don’t really go out of my way for some pepper buns, but while visiting the Longshan temple area in Taipei, and waiting to cross a street, my guts turned my attention towards a signboard screaming 胡椒餅, pepper buns. With my culinary curiosity growing as I waited to cross, I gave in and treated myself this traditional Taiwanese snack.


The stuffing made it a memorable pepper bun for me, with minced pork and also actual small chunks of meat (was it a fluke?), and the unusual addition of suān cài 酸菜, pickled Chinese cabbage, along with the green onions. I thought the pepper bun was worthy of a snapshot, but the picture does not depict those chunks of meat nor the pickled mustard greens, so I’m now wondering if I haven’t dreamed it at all? 🙄


Also, as I “inspected” the paper wrap, I noticed that the shop went as far as writing out the ingredients of the pepper bun, which is rather unusual from street food vendors.
They claim to use organic CAS-labeled Taiwanese pork, green onions, natural spices, flour, sesame, and absolutely no illegal additives, so we can consume with our mind at peace. 🙂

It was my first time visiting the Longshan area, and I quite enjoyed this older part of Taipei. It’s a place where you feel yourself embracing the more traditional Taiwan, a lot of small eateries and shopping around, not too mentions all the night markets nearby. Should you decide to visit that part of town, I once again highly recommend checking out MKL’s blog, especially the page dedicated to the Wanhua district, where the Longshan temple is situated.

Well, with all that said, I think this will be worthy of a second visit to double check the veracity of the gustatory details mentioned earlier, and to really take the time getting myself lost in the neighborhood.

Name: 赤肉胡椒餅, chì ròu hújiāo bǐng, Red Meat Pepper Bun
Address: 臺北市康定路290號廣州街口
Business hours: 11 am to 8:30 pm
Price: 35 NT
Tips: buy 10 and get 1 free

French note…

Bourdain’s Layover Taipei Recap

Well, the long-awaited Layover in Taipei with Anthony Bourdain has finally aired, and kudos to My Kafkaesque Life (MKL) for the viewing tip!

There’s so many things to taste and check out in Taipei and its vicinities that packing it all in 42 minutes makes it hard to do Taiwan’s capital justice, but Bourdain managed to visit some interesting places and the producers introduced good alternative spots or things to do in the city. All in all, it’s great that Taipei got some airtime.

The great things about cultures with a street food culture is that eating becomes an adventure of its own, so I think you shouldn’t strive to check all the places Bourdain has eaten at, unless it is very special, and instead, go venture on your own. For this reason, I’ll recap the show with some pointers to other online resources, so you can create your own Layover in Taipei, Bourdain style. Continue reading Bourdain’s Layover Taipei Recap