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Follow the bookstores

At Eslite Pier 2 誠品駁二.

Wednesday evening, at Eslite Pier 2 誠品駁二, coloring books are still on display… Should I get one for the four day long Dragon Boat Festival 端午節 week-end?

My attention drifts towards the impressionists coloring book, reviving nightmares of art class in middle school, and then locks in on the 1000 Dot-to-Dot book cover. Continue reading Follow the bookstores

Books From Taiwan

Through the twitter grapevine, I got wind of Books From Taiwan, a new initiative funded by the Taiwanese Ministry of Culture to introduce fiction and non-fiction to foreign publishers and readers alike. (h/t: Lettres de Taïwan)

In the same vein as Korea, Taiwan is investing money and efforts on the Culture factor to boost its soft power on the international stage. Through Books From Taiwan, it seems that the Ministry of Culture is hoping to attract foreign publishing houses to translate and market Taiwanese literature. To that end, a grant program has even been put in place.

A short biography of the authors and samples of English translation of their works is available on the minimalist but user-friendly website, and most of all, I’m very much delighted that the name of the authors and titles of the books are indicated in both English and Chinese. Hallelujah! Amen! 阿彌陀佛! It’s a tiny detail, but if you’ve ever tried to find the original Chinese name of a book/author from its English translation, then you’ll understand my grief relief.

<rant>Last frustrating case in point: The Island Against the Wind by Lin Wen-yi. Just try figuring out the original Chinese name of the title and author. 😭 Since Taiwan Today so kindly left an email of contact at the end of the article, I did reach out to them, but in vain…</rant>

<rave>And this is why I give much kudos and 100 kg of brownie points to Lettres de Taïwan, a French website dedicated to introducing translated works of Taiwanese Literature, for now including these oh so crucial pieces of information.</rave>

At any rate, my to-read list is already long enough to keep me busy in this life and the next few ones, but it’s exciting to now have this approachable venue in English to delve into Taiwanese literature.

While we are on the subject, the Taipei International Book Exhibition is starting today, and running until February 16th. Be there or be square (like me 😥 ).

Update: thanks @LettresTaiwan for filling me in with the Chinese name of The Island Against the Wind, 「逆風之島」 , from Lin Wen-Yi 林文義.

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Revue Littéraire: La Cuisine Taiwanaise de Su-Chiung

Today, I am reviewing a series of Taiwanese cookbooks written in French, with no English version available, so the rest of this article will be in French, désolé, and literally, pardon my French ;).

Cuisine Taiwanaise de Su-Chiung - Photos du suchiung
Tome 1 de La Cuisine Taiwanaise de Su-Chiung (photos de Su-Chiung)

Molière, me revoilà! C’est fou toute la littérature Taïwanaise traduite en français qui peut bien exister, il n’y a qu’à suivre Lettres de Taïwan pour s’en rendre compte. C’est d’ailleurs ainsi que j’ai découvert la série en 3 petits tomes de La Cuisine Taïwanaise de Su-Chiung. L’auteure, originaire de Kaohsiung, a travaillé dans le monde de la restauration avant de déménager en France pour officier à l’ambassade, oups, je  veux dire au “bureau de représentation de Taipei en France”. Par la suite, elle a retrouvé les fourneaux en tant que chef indépendante. Le choix d’ouvrages en français sur la cuisine Taïwanaise étant plutôt mince, voir inexistant, je suis donc allée voir cela de plus près. Continue reading Revue Littéraire: La Cuisine Taiwanaise de Su-Chiung