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Made in Taiwan: Pork Rillettes

Homemade pork rillettes, by yours truly. (@taiwanvore)
Homemade pork rillettes, by yours truly. (@taiwanvore)
[Lire l’article à la sauce française]

Starting March, France will once again be allowed to export pork and pork based products to Taiwan, a news all charcuterie lovers can rejoice from, though I’m curious to see what will really end up landing on the shelves at Carrefour and RT-Mart. In the meantime, I thought I’d try my hands at making some pork rillettes. Continue reading Made in Taiwan: Pork Rillettes

Made in Taiwan: Japanese-style Potato Salad

Japanese-style potato salad by @taiwanvore

I recently got around to reading the Japanese Farm Food, a cookbook mémoir, from Nancy Singleton Hachisu. In addition to running an English school, the author is also actively involved with Slow Food Japan, so I was looking forward to discovering her Japanese terroir. In the end, I didn’t jot down as many recipes as I’d hoped, mostly because some key ingredients can be challenging to find in Taiwan, or simply because I don’t have the logistics (yet) to carry out some of her recipes. For sure, I envy her country home kitchen, but for now, my minimal Taiwanese kitchen will do just fine.

One of the recipes that made the cut happened to be the Japanese-syle potato salad. The recipe didn’t look too daunting and the ingredients simple to get. Fortunately, the potato season is upon us, here in Taiwan. Continue reading Made in Taiwan: Japanese-style Potato Salad

宵夜: Quick & Dirty Chocolate Mug Cake

Chocolate Mug Cake by Lori Ann, http://simplyla.wordpress.com

Every once in a while, I crave some chocolate cake. Obviously, this always occurs late at night when all the places selling a decent chocolate cake are closed.

A while back, I read about a so-called microwave chocolate mug cake. Baking with a microwave?! Gross, I thought. But well, this is Taiwan, most kitchens do not have ovens, which also happens to be my case, and so after many years without a microwave, I get to re-discover all of its joys and wonders, yay! Continue reading. (aussi en français)