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Precious Hut Curry Bread 源寶屋咖哩麵包 (hln)

True to the saying, the water in Hualien clean, so clean that fishes dare swimming in it.
True to the saying, the water in Hualien is clean, so clean that fishes dare swim in it, on the top left, you can even spot two cute oranges ones.
According to a 長輩, water sewers in Taiwan also used to be clean enough that it was not an uncommon sight to see fishes frolicking in it.

Gotta love how Taiwan knows how to repurpose some of its older factories into modern and pleasant  venues dedicated to art and culture. In Hualien , the wine factory has given way to the Hualien Cultural Creative Industries Park 花蓮縣文化創意產園區, or more shortly known as a-zone. Just think of the Huashan 1914 Creative Park 華山1914文化創意產業園區 in Taipei, or the Pier-2 Art Center 駁二藝術特區 in Kaohsiung, and you’ll get an idea of what to expect. Continue reading Precious Hut Curry Bread 源寶屋咖哩麵包 (hln)

On a Kawaii note: Miniature Space

Over the past week, a few cooking videos shot in a miniature kitchen have been popping up on my fb timeline. This cute project, Miniature Space, has only a YouTube channel to its name, but the videos have been going quite viral.

For the Miyazaki’s fans out there, this gives us a cool glimpse at what it must feel like to cook as a miniature person, like Arriety. 😉

Here’s my favorite video where the author is cooking Japanese curry. Just listen to the sound of the sizzling ingredients and the bubbling pot, isn’t this appetizing?!

Cari de madame 咖哩娘 (tpe)

Full House. (fb/cari.de.madame)
Full House. (fb/cari.de.madame)

I don’t remember how I got wind of Cari de madame 咖哩娘, but after reading up about it and checking pictures on their fb page, I made sure to go feast there on whenever my next trip to Taipei was to be. Until that journey occurred, I found myself craving curry now and then, my mind kept flashing back to pictures of their trays of spices, and I’d end up sighting, knowing it wouldn’t be another couple of weeks before I’d head up to the capital again. But after all, as the saying goes, hunger is the best spice… although, in this case, there was maybe a spice that was one too many, and it wasn’t hunger. Continue reading Cari de madame 咖哩娘 (tpe)