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From the Farmers’ Market: Wax Apple 蓮霧

Isn’t wax apple season suppose to be over? Apparently not. I’m still seeing it in some organic stores, and surprisingly, it also appeared on of the stall at the farmers’ market. Not long ago, I learned that wax apples are pretty much pesticides sponges, and farmers tend to be quite generous at spraying them. Hence, as a fan of this peculiar fruit, hard to find outside of the southeast Asia region, that information obviously came as a blow, especially because wax apples are eaten whole, no skin to peel, so everything it got sprayed with ends in the stomach, not a pleasant thought if you ask me.

I had tried some pesticides-free wax apples from the organic store, but was not impressed taste-wise, mainly because it had a slight unpleasant bitter finish. So when I noticed some at the market over the week-end, I gave it another try. The price by weight was a bit high, 100 NT (or was it 180 NT) for 0.5 Kg (斤) :shock:, so I was careful to not buy too many. Still, the bill came to a sour 100 NT for five wax apples, or rather six, counting the free (dented) one gifted by the boss-lady 老闆娘. She had some already cut for sampling too, so I shamelessly asked to taste a piece, and as I was still munching on it while paying, she encouraged me to grab another sample, so I ungrudgingly obliged :P.

I don’t know if the price psychologically influenced my tasting, but I did find them pretty good. The skin is not smooth and shiny like the ones we regularly see, and since less customers handle them, likely due to the off-putting price, there is also less, if no traces of fingernails. Despite the imperfect exterior, the fruit inside is delicious, juicy, not over-sweet, and feels meatier while still having that airy texture that I am so fond of.

I don’t know if those wax apples will be around for long, but you can give it a try during the week-end, at the Consumer Organic Farmers’ Market in Kaohsiung. Because supplies are very limited, I hope we won’t be fighting over them ;).

Rice Seedlings Season

Kids transplanting rice seedlings (fb/ntpcmart5)
Kids transplanting rice seedlings (fb/ntpcmart5)

The season of transplanting rice seedlings has begun not long ago, and soon coming to and end. An opportunity for farmers to organize educational activities around it by inviting kids and adults alike to experience that process for themselves. Rice harvest will take place in a few months, in July, another good time to venture in the countryside.

Blog update: the farmer’s market page has been updated with all five markets from the New Taipei City Farmers’ Market Association, 新北市農夫市集.

Organic and Farmers’ Markets in Taiwan

Breeze Market 微風市集 in Kaohsiung (blog/Breeze Market)
Breeze Market 微風市集 in Kaohsiung (blog/Breeze Market)

Today, I want to introduce a new section on the blog dedicated to listing Organic and Farmers’ Markets in Taiwan. More and more farmers’ markets are popping around the island, so I frankly don’t know if I’ll manage to list every single one, but I will try!

I’ve actually been wanting to do this for a while, and then, a few days ago, I read an article in the Taipei Times about potential future dangerous farm products imports from China, which could harm farmers and Taiwanese agriculture. If that is the case, then, the article failed to mention another victim, the consumer, who would pay with his health. With all that in mind, and noticing the lack of information about farmers’ markets in Taiwan, I decided to get the ball rolling by creating the Farmers’ Market page. Enjoy and feel free to pass it along!

Une page indiquant les marchés de petits producteurs (ou marchés bios) à Taïwan vient d’être créée, je vous invite à la découvrir en commençant par Farmers’ Market