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美食人‧情‧味 The Raw and the Cooked – A Culinary Journey Through Taiwan

A few months ago, I inquired about the availability of the German/Taiwan produced documentary The Raw and the Cooked – A Culinary Journey Through Taiwan in Taiwan, but ended empty-handed. Yesterday, I went back on the hunt,  and tada, look what I found to share with you 🙂 .

The movie was uploaded on the Public Television Service channel, so I can only assume that it’s 100% legal, haha. Unfortunately, the Taiwanese version has been edited down to 50 minutes (to satisfy an hour slot of TV program I imagine) in comparison to the original version which lasts 83 minutes. And since it’s the Taiwanese version, dialogues in Chinese are not translated, which means more listening and reading practice for you 😉 .

The documentary was released in 2012, so if you are already very familiar with Taiwan, the movie may not hold too much novelty as you’ll likely already have heard of the places featured, and now made popular thanks to TV shows and the written press. But you’ll maybe have a sting of nostalgia with the few glimpses (at 1:00 and 3:55 <= cool aerial view) of the edible community garden that used to exist near Taipei 101. I actually never realized that the garden almost took up almost the entire block, and to think it’s now covered in concrete 😥 .

At any rate, familiar or not with Taiwan, if you like this little piece of land, its food and scenery, and have 50 minutes to kill, then it should be a pleasant watch. Enjoy! 🙂

Hoshina 穗科 (tpe)

Udon noodle making, from start to finish, all is hand-made.
Udon noodle making workshop, from start to finish, all is hand-made. (Both Marukame and Rakurakuan are using machines for the last step of cutting the noodles.)

As the unfounded French saying goes, jamais deux sans trois, in other words, never two without three. So let I, do a third udon restaurant review, and end the streak here or I’ll make myself sick of it if I keep writing about it.

This actually dates back to last summer, when I was frolicking around Taipei. After crashing an afternoon and enjoying a coffee cocktail at Gabee in the Songshan 松山 district, I made my way out, back to the the closest YouBike station. Unfamiliar with the area and too lazy to double check the path online, I walked around, following random streets, confident that I’d eventually find my way. It was late in the afternoon, and a few restaurants were already starting to prepare for the evening shift.

Walking by Hoshina 穗科, I felt like a piece of a Japanese garden had been transplanted into this residential area. With a zen garden in front of the restaurant, and the neat and tidy noodle workshop behind its huge glass window, it gave the place an appeasing atmosphere. However, I had other plans for dinner, so I snapped out of my daze, jotted down the name of the restaurant, and rushed to the YouBike station to avoid competing for a bike with the working crowd getting off duty. Continue reading Hoshina 穗科 (tpe)

Rakurakuan Udon 樂樂庵之烏龍麵 (khh)

Hand-made udon.
Hand-made udon.

Despite a satisfying bowl of udon at Marukame the day before, the relentless hammering hot weather kept feeding my craving for some cold udon, and so I decided to give Rakurakuan Udon a second chance.

A while back, I had gone to their first branch at the Hanshin mall adjacent to the Kaohsiung Arena, it was on a week-end, the wait was quite long, long enough that I almost lost my appetite. The atmosphere was frantic, the staff was running left and right trying to service everyone but looked kind of disorganized at it, and whether the food was good or not, I don’t even quite remember. It was a forgettable experience, and forget I did.

But then again, I can be a pretty forgiving person :twisted:. Rakurakuan Udon happens to have a second branch inside the Dream Mall, conveniently close to my homebase, and since I had a shopping errand, I bicycled my way over during the past week-end. Yes, nothing better than a ride under the sun and the humid air to work myself a sweaty appetite :). Continue reading Rakurakuan Udon 樂樂庵之烏龍麵 (khh)

Marukame Udon 丸龜製麵 (khh, tpe)

On the right path to Marukame Udon 丸龜製麵
Following the path to Marukame Udon 丸龜製麵

Of all the High Speed Rail stations, Zuoying 左營 must be one of most convenient one, if not simply the most. Just off on the northern edge of Kaohsiung city, the subway stops there, and should you need to venture onto more remote horizons, do know that there’s also a platform to jump on a regular train, direct shuttle buses to Kenting, rental cars, scooter rentals and public City Bike share right outside of the station.

In the departure/arrival concourse, a few food options are available with the quintessential 7-11 and TRA lunchbox stand, Starbucks, Mövenpick, Mo’s Burger, Coco Curry, Pasadena Bakery, etc… For more options, head to the exit towards the subway, instead of taking the escalators down, stay on your left, and you’ll arrive at the food court of the Rainbow Bazaar Mall 彩虹市場. If nothing entices you, then keep walk some more and take the connecting bridge to the Mitsukoshi mall, and make your way to the B2 level. The basement level is host to a Jason’s market, many food gift stalls, some bakeries, and more dining options to satisfy your hunger. The food court area is actually quite nice with its dim lighting, wood tables and chairs, green plants on the walls separating tables, giving it a bit more flair than the usual food court mall.

After countless times through the Zuoying station, it will have taken a craving of udon and the opening of Marukame for me to finally venture into the basement of the Mitsukoshi, and concurrently extend my food hunting territory in this little corner of Kaohsiung. Continue reading Marukame Udon 丸龜製麵 (khh, tpe)

Taiwanvore Digest #8 – April 2014

A few minutes before the boat lifted the gate, this old man barged in, went straight for the front of the ferry, unfolded his deckchair, sat in it, and put on some sunglasses.
To Cijin 旗津. A few minutes before the boat lifted the gate, this old man barged in, went straight for the front of the ferry, unfolded his deckchair, sat in, and put on some sunglasses. Yup, this is how it’s done! 😎

Phew, another month has gone by. Temperatures are starting to rise, and so is the number of drafts in my backlog waiting to be published :/ . Without further due, here’s a recap of April.

Blog housekeeping: comment policy. Despite efforts of writing in a way that doesn’t offend readers, a post somehow managed to get someone angry enough to land me an insult. Long story short, I have updated the About page, and included a link to the kind of comment policy I subscribe to. All in all, I can say I am now vaccinated against this type of negative comments 😉 .

Do not get me wrong though, I am open to comments, as long as they contribute to the conversation and remain civil and politeThis is a simple and humble personal blog, a virtual space for me to jot down some thoughts, if they are useful for others, then that’s great, otherwise, there is nothing worth getting worked up over.

Now, onto more interesting news. 🐱 Continue reading Taiwanvore Digest #8 – April 2014