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Perpetuating Atayal Farming Traditions

The Huffington Post featured a refreshing story about two Atayal 泰雅 tribe members, who’ve been re-kindling ancestral practices of farming indigenous varieties of plants, which have proved more resilient, than other so-called improved crops, in adapting to the ever changing climate.

From the video, one of the article’s protagonists  appears to come from the village of Smangus 司馬庫斯, in Hsinchu county. A place known for its success in preserving local aboriginal culture all while rejuvenating the local economy through sound development of tourism. You can learn more about it here, and here.

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Caffeine Pit Stop at Oh! Cafe 握咖啡 (khh)

Coffee by the Gushan Pier. (fb/ohcafe.shop)
Coffee by the Gushan Pier. (fb/ohcafe.shop)

Temperatures have started to drop, making it once again a pleasure to whiz through the city on my bike without leaving a trail of sweat or feeling like a chicken roasting under the sun. The Pier-2 Art Center has always been my favorite resting spot, although lately, I’ve started pushing a little further, into the Sizihwan 西子灣 area, also known as Hamasen はません in touristy guidebooks.

The streets of Sizihwan are always filled students from the nearby Sun-Yat Sen University or tourists making their way to or leaving the ferry for Cijin island. Actually, I also feel like a tourist whenever I find myself in Sizihwan, the secret location of the hidden beach remains whole to me, I’ve yet to hike Monkey/Shoushan mountain, and I draw a blank when it comes to finding a good place to eat in the area.

One day, I’ll take the time to check off all those Sizihwan must-visit spots. As for the food, I’ve made a step forward, well, only if you consider coffee as food 🙂 . Continue reading Caffeine Pit Stop at Oh! Cafe 握咖啡 (khh)

Beef Boss Hot-Pot 牛老大涮牛肉 – 雄好呷 #070 (khh, hsch, tpe, tyn)

At the second branch in Kaohsiung.
At Beef Boss Hot-Pot 牛老大涮牛肉 , second branch, in Kaohsiung.

Hurry me(!), before memories of my visit to Beef Boss Hot-Pot 牛老大涮牛肉 vanishes into the ether. This restaurant doesn’t have an English name, so I once againt took the liberty to make one up. 老大 can translate into different meanings, one of them being “leader of a criminal gang”, but “Beef Godfather” sounded a bit too dramatic, so I went for a more moderate definition with “Beef Boss”. 🙂

Beef Boss hot-pot started out in Kaohsiung, with a simple concept of serving freshly butchered beef, usually from the same day, with a flavorful broth made from beef bones, tomatoes, pineapples, daikon radishes and more ingredients than the guidebook’s author could list. The execution of the idea must have been a success for them to open a second store down the road from the original place in Kaohsiung, and in other cities on the island. Continue reading Beef Boss Hot-Pot 牛老大涮牛肉 – 雄好呷 #070 (khh, hsch, tpe, tyn)

Organic and Farmers’ Markets in Taiwan

Breeze Market 微風市集 in Kaohsiung (blog/Breeze Market)
Breeze Market 微風市集 in Kaohsiung (blog/Breeze Market)

Today, I want to introduce a new section on the blog dedicated to listing Organic and Farmers’ Markets in Taiwan. More and more farmers’ markets are popping around the island, so I frankly don’t know if I’ll manage to list every single one, but I will try!

I’ve actually been wanting to do this for a while, and then, a few days ago, I read an article in the Taipei Times about potential future dangerous farm products imports from China, which could harm farmers and Taiwanese agriculture. If that is the case, then, the article failed to mention another victim, the consumer, who would pay with his health. With all that in mind, and noticing the lack of information about farmers’ markets in Taiwan, I decided to get the ball rolling by creating the Farmers’ Market page. Enjoy and feel free to pass it along!

Une page indiquant les marchés de petits producteurs (ou marchés bios) à Taïwan vient d’être créée, je vous invite à la découvrir en commençant par Farmers’ Market