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Typhoon Day Movie: 赤壁 Red Cliff

I’ve decided to be cautious and spend Friday evening inside, impatiently waiting for Soudelor 蘇迪羅 to come do its thing and go away. Not a drop has fallen yet, but I’m telling myself it’s probably wiser not being out and about, risking getting blown over onto the ground by the strong winds while bicycling, as it almost happened a while ago.

Since we’re likely all going to be stranded at home on Saturday, let me take this opportunity to share one of my all-time favorite movies, Red Cliff 赤壁. This Chinese epic war film is split in two parts of about 120 minutes each, long enough to provide entertainment for a rainy afternoon. Continue reading Typhoon Day Movie: 赤壁 Red Cliff

April Movies for Foodies at Eslite Art House (tpe)

[Lire l’article en français]

Currently, at the Eslite Art House: The Lunchbox 美味情書 and A Tale of Samurai Cooking 武士的菜單

A thundering rain and fierce winds from the south sent me sailing to Taipei last week. On one early evening I hung out with a friend who was looking to kill some time before high-speed railing it back to Kaohsiung. We brainstormed for ideas, I suggested checking out the Sunflower Movement festivities at the Legislative Yuan, she countered with finding a restaurant famous for its long waiting line, I thought she was kidding, and before I knew it, she was already looking through a website listing such food places o_O. It was a desperate situation, but at last, we agreed on exploring the Maji Maji Square Market, which The Thousandth Girl only had only good things to write about. Sadly, on the weekday evening that we were, the open-air market felt rather desolated, with only a few wandering souls and empty little shops getting ready to close for the day, so we settled the case in less than 30 minutes. Walking back to the MRT, I found out that my friend had not yet visited Eslite Spectrum 誠品松菸, so we made it our next destination. Continue reading April Movies for Foodies at Eslite Art House (tpe)

Movie Review: 總舖師 Zone Pro Site

(no spoilers ;))
[last updated: 2015-05-28]

Zone Pro Site Mural

The week-end is upon us, with a grey sky still shrouding the island, paralysing people indoors. In those moments, let’s rejoy the invention of malls, temples of consumption, with food courts to feed the populace, stores to keep us window-shopping, and movie theatres to temporarily escape reality. In short, a good time to brave the rain to go watch 總舖師 Zone Pro Site, and forget the depressing weather for 2 hours and 25 minutes. Continue reading Movie Review: 總舖師 Zone Pro Site