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Photo Walk: Labor Park Night Market 老公夜市 (khh)

The night market is ready!
Getting ready!

Today, let me take you on a walk at the Labor Park Night Market 老公夜市, taking place every Monday, in an otherwise uneventful part of the city. I don’t recall seeing it mentionned on any  travel guides or english blogs so I thought I would do it justice here.

I really like this night market for its balanced mix of food, shopping, and entertainment, and even if I only buy food, I always enjoy strolling through it. It has a reasonable size, so I’m often done with it in about 30-45 minutes or so, depending on if I linger at some stands or not. There are a lot of people, but not Fengjia crazy, it has a pleasant atmosphere, but less pleasant maybe is the lack of trash bins, so the ground is the only place to leave paper wrappings and such. A cleaning team does sweep by afterwards, so don’t feel so guilty. Also, if you are looking for restrooms, they’ll be located in the park, not far from the improvised music stage (see below). Continue reading Photo Walk: Labor Park Night Market 老公夜市 (khh)

Map of Night Markets in Kaohsiung

A fried squid chilling at the Ruifeng Night Market.
Rasta fried squid chilling at the Ruifeng night market 瑞豐夜市.

I’ve finally gotten around to mapping most of the night markets in Kaohsiung City, thanks to the information already gathered by James from 高雄美食地圖, and my own nocturnal escapades. Since I’ve not yet ventured in the outskirts of the city, I have left off the night markets in those areas for now, and will update the map later on.

And you are very welcome to leave a message in the comments should you notice any inaccuracies, night markets missing, or simply want to say hi :). Continue reading Map of Night Markets in Kaohsiung