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Duck Treasure 鴨肉珍 – 雄好呷 #089 (khh)

All eyes on the duck.
Waiting in line, all eyes on the ducks.

I always find it interesting how you can practically have no verbal interaction whatsoever when eating out at many of those small eateries in Taiwan. Just grab the menu sheet, put a mark next to the dishes that fancies you, hand it in, eat, walk towards the boss to signal for the check, and off you go. Words emitted: 0.

However, places don’t always have menu sheets, let alone a sign board, Duck Treasure 鴨肉珍 is one of them. Duck treasure is one of those 老店 decades-old shops still thriving in the historical Yangcheng area, and noticeably still a favorite among locals, expect to line up if you wish to join the morning and lunch crowd. Continue reading Duck Treasure 鴨肉珍 – 雄好呷 #089 (khh)

Ah-Wan Yanshuei I Mien – 雄好呷 #028 (khh)

Welcome to Ah-Wan, pioneer of the i mien in Kaohsiung.
Welcome to Ah-Wan, pioneer of the i mien in Kaohsiung.

These days, when it comes time to eat, I catch myself asking my own self 「呷麵或呷飯?」, which I loosely translate as 「am I in the mood for some noodles or rice?」, as the first question of my “What to eat?” decision process. Clearly, this is a sign that I’ve lived in Taiwan for a long time already, or as I prefer to view it, a sign that I am becoming Taiwanese, 😱! Someday, I may post a listicle of all those Taiwanese traits that have crept into me, but for now, that’ll just be another draft sitting on the back-burner.

So what’s it gonna be, noodles or rice? Usually, it’s been noodles, in particular Ah-Wan Yanshuei I Mien 阿萬鹽水意麵, tucked in the old Sanmin Street 三民街. The neighborhood is not flamboyantly touristy by any means, but it has some palpable history and good food to be found. Somehow, the atmosphere reminds me a little of the Wanhua area in Taipei, albeit, less crowded. If only it didn’t take me 20-30 minutes to bike there, amidst crazy scooter traffic and pollution, I think I’d hang out more often in that area. Wait, bike 20-30 minutes (and add 20-30 minutes for the way back!) for a simple bowl of noodles, do I have that much time to spare or are those noodles just crazy good? Continue reading Ah-Wan Yanshuei I Mien – 雄好呷 #028 (khh)

No Name Lard Sauce Noodles Food Stand 無店名古早味麵攤 – 雄好呷 #029 (khh)

A stand I would surely have never stopped were it not for my foodie guidebook 雄好呷. No bragging signs, not even a name for this street stand who's been around longer than myself.
A stand I would surely have never stopped were it not for my foodie guidebook 雄好呷. No bragging signs, not even a name for this street stall who’s been in existence for longer than my humble self.

The weather had plunged back into a bipolar state, raining at will, pausing with spots of blue skies, only to relapse even harder. I had spent the previous day hibernating, improvising in my kitchen, surprising myself with a walnut and sweet basil pesto. At last, I found a purpose for this huge bag of walnut gifted on to me a few months ago.

24+ hours in confinement and a gloomy weather was starting to make me go cuckoo, besides, for some days already, I had been building an appetite for some noodles 意麵 at a shop featured in my 雄好呷 book. Hours passed, and as optimist as I was about the rain stopping, it kept pouring. I was no longer inspired to cook at home, ignoring gargles from my stomach, but in the end, the call of hunger prevailed. I seized the first opportune break of rain to get on my bike and pedaled to the noodle shop as fast as I could. Continue reading No Name Lard Sauce Noodles Food Stand 無店名古早味麵攤 – 雄好呷 #029 (khh)

Marukame Udon 丸龜製麵 (khh, tpe)

On the right path to Marukame Udon 丸龜製麵
Following the path to Marukame Udon 丸龜製麵

Of all the High Speed Rail stations, Zuoying 左營 must be one of most convenient one, if not simply the most. Just off on the northern edge of Kaohsiung city, the subway stops there, and should you need to venture onto more remote horizons, do know that there’s also a platform to jump on a regular train, direct shuttle buses to Kenting, rental cars, scooter rentals and public City Bike share right outside of the station.

In the departure/arrival concourse, a few food options are available with the quintessential 7-11 and TRA lunchbox stand, Starbucks, Mövenpick, Mo’s Burger, Coco Curry, Pasadena Bakery, etc… For more options, head to the exit towards the subway, instead of taking the escalators down, stay on your left, and you’ll arrive at the food court of the Rainbow Bazaar Mall 彩虹市場. If nothing entices you, then keep walk some more and take the connecting bridge to the Mitsukoshi mall, and make your way to the B2 level. The basement level is host to a Jason’s market, many food gift stalls, some bakeries, and more dining options to satisfy your hunger. The food court area is actually quite nice with its dim lighting, wood tables and chairs, green plants on the walls separating tables, giving it a bit more flair than the usual food court mall.

After countless times through the Zuoying station, it will have taken a craving of udon and the opening of Marukame for me to finally venture into the basement of the Mitsukoshi, and concurrently extend my food hunting territory in this little corner of Kaohsiung. Continue reading Marukame Udon 丸龜製麵 (khh, tpe)

Soba-ing at 2.5 Months Soba 二月半そば 蕎麦麺 (khh, tpe)

Where the heck is the restaurant?

Taiwanese food bloggers really own it when it comes to covering new food joints in town. Do they have a seventh sense for it? Are those new places contacting them for some buzz? Is there a dedicated board on their beloved PTT? I have no idea, but they sure make for a great source information, and are always prompt at reviewing the newest establishments in town.

If it weren’t for those bloggers, I’d likely have never noticed 2.5 Months Soba 二月半そば 蕎麦麺. Originally from Taipei, a second outpost was recently inaugurated in Kaohsiung, tucked inside what used to be a Japanese bookstore, which in fact, is still there but has shrunk to make space for the restaurant. According to the website, the 2.5 months refers to the time from sowing the buckweat seeds to harvesting the crop, interesting, huh!

With the outdoor thermostat slowly rising, the cold noodles season has finally arrived, so let’s inaugurate at 2.5 Months Soba 二月半そば 蕎麦麺.

Continue reading Soba-ing at 2.5 Months Soba 二月半そば 蕎麦麺 (khh, tpe)