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Fifty Year Almond Tea 50年杏仁茶 – 雄好呷 #079 (khh)

An unassuming storefront in an unhappening alley… until the sun starts to set and night owls flock over.

Taiwanese people tend to eat dinner rather early, around 18h30 (which is insanely early by French standards where dinner service starts only around 19h30-20h), which explains that a few hours later, they start feeling peckish and have a late-night snack 宵夜(or ) ㄒ|ㄠ |ㄝˋ. For some, it’s a daily evening ritual, one that I’ve embraced as well. 😀 Continue reading Fifty Year Almond Tea 50年杏仁茶 – 雄好呷 #079 (khh)

Takao Fat Charcoal Sandwich 大ㄎㄡ胖碳烤三明治 – 雄好呷 #078 (khh)

Where is the bridge??? :?
What happened to the bridge??? 😕

Mini-tragedy 迷你悲劇. With the continuous face-lift of the Kaohsiung harbor, my route to the Yancheng district has become slightly less scenic with the connecting bridge on the waterfront bicycle trail temporarily dismembered, sigh, so is the price to pay to have have a pretty city.

In any case, the Yancheng district remains a fun place to hang out, with still many eateries to discover, and so today, let’s have some charcoal sandwich, which basically is a sort of club sandwich where the toasts are grilled over charcoal. It sounds fancy, but personally, I find the end-result no better than using a toaster.

I actually had already tasted some charcoal sandwich at some famous place for it in Tainan, where I had to queue up, and though the sandwich was good, I left with a “so, this is it?” impression. But, since I’m always game to be proven otherwise, I enthusiastically took on the advice of my foodie guidebook, and headed to Takao Fat Charcoal Fat Sandwich 大ㄎㄡ胖碳烤三明治, in the Yancheng district. Continue reading Takao Fat Charcoal Sandwich 大ㄎㄡ胖碳烤三明治 – 雄好呷 #078 (khh)

A-Main Mochi 阿綿麻糬 – 雄好呷 #064 (khh)

A-Main mochis 阿綿 麻糬, by @taiwanvore
A-Main mochis 阿綿 麻糬, by @taiwanvore

Any mochi lovers out there? If yes, then do not miss A-Main Mochi 阿綿麻糬 on your next visit to Kaohsiung. They have a small outpost inside Liu’s Traditional Juancun Food 劉家酸菜白肉火鍋, near the Lotus lake, and also have a small shop in the Yancheng district, located in an old narrow alley taking you back in times. As the Taiwanese would say, the shop has a lot of FU, meaning feel, eh. Continue reading A-Main Mochi 阿綿麻糬 – 雄好呷 #064 (khh)

Guo Zongzi 郭家肉粽 – 雄好呷 #009 (khh)

Guo Zongzi 郭家肉粽 (flickr/lohasteru)
Guo Zongzi 郭家肉粽 (flickr/lohasteru)

It’s hard to miss Guo Zongzi 郭家肉粽 with their big giant wooden basket, overflowing with zongzi, solidly sitting above the store.

Zongzi is commonly translated as sticky/glutinous rice dumpling, or as biàn​ dāng calls it on its menu, Chinese tamale. As I mentioned in a recent post, It’s the food item traditionally associated with the Dragon Boat Festival, in June, but this doesn’t mean you can’t have it during the rest of the year.

Open as early as 7am, I improvised a visit there on a bright Saturday morning, last October, cycling by the giant rubber duck on my way to breakfast. It was sunny, the air was brisk, the roads of the usually crowded Yancheng 鹽埕 district were still pleasantly calm, so I whizzed through to my destination. Quite an invigorating way to start the day. Continue reading Guo Zongzi 郭家肉粽 – 雄好呷 #009 (khh)