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Opizza – Oh yes! (khh)

BBQ veggies, and Margherita pizza.

When I first heard of Opizza, they were still exclusively operating as an online ordering business. Since then, they’ve opened a shop in Aozihdi 凹子底, with the online ordering system still in effect. A few tables are available for those wanting to dine-in, but there’s also a big park with a pond nearby which makes it a popular picnic destination.

Earlier this month, to recover from a grey week-end in Taipei, I finally went and checked it out, looking for some badly needed junk comfort food. Continue reading Opizza – Oh yes! (khh)

Foncha 楓茶記 (khh) – Keep Calm and Drink Some Hong-Kong Style Milk Tea

Hong-Kong style afternoon tea.
Hong-Kong style afternoon tea, in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

Actually, calm isn’t really the state I am in whenever I head to Foncha, no, I am rather EXCITED! Yes, that excited. 😀

When did I first discover Hong-Kong style milk tea? I don’t remember, but I know that in the land of milk teas, Hong-Kong style milk tea reigns supreme for me, closely followed by Indian masala chai, trailed by a tie between Taiwanese bubble tea and Thai iced tea, and Tibetan butter tea to close off my ranking. Tibetan butter technically doesn’t have any milk but the butter gives it the appearance and a bit of the taste of milk tea, it is an acquired taste, and I am still working on acquiring it. Am I missing out on another variation of delicious milk tea out there? Oops, I digress!

See, whenever I’d follow my Hong-Kong pals at a Cantonese restaurant, I’d always let them order dishes, as long as I had my cup of Hong-Kong style milk tea, I was a happy cat; although I was always disappointed that it never seemed to last long enough in comparison to those never-ending cup of Taiwanese bubble tea. Continue reading Foncha 楓茶記 (khh) – Keep Calm and Drink Some Hong-Kong Style Milk Tea

Maharaja 瑪哈印度餐廳 (khh, tnn)


It’s hard to forget my first time at an Indian restaurant in Taiwan, it was in Taipei and left me traumatized. While patiently waiting for our food, Mr. 小強 showed up on our table, and then went hiding in the tray of clean utensils. Horrified, I  mentioned it to my friend, who unemphatically thought I was hallucinating, until he confirmed it as well. With Mr. 小強 in mind and not knowing his whereabouts, but certainly too close for comfort, the food that arrived felt rather unappetizing, and utterly disappointing it was. At some point, the owner left the cramped kitchen, with his dirty polo marked by spots of flour, it looked rather unprofessional, and kind of explained the presence of Mr. 小強.

Needless to say, after this horrific episode (#FirstWorldProblem), I wasn’t in a hurry of eating Indian food again, but not wanting to let one rotten apple spoil the bunch, I gave it another chance when returning to my stomping grounds.  Continue reading Maharaja 瑪哈印度餐廳 (khh, tnn)