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Book Review: The Cultural Revolution Cookbook

A sample page, courtesy of The Cultural Revolution Cookbook.
A sample page, courtesy of The Cultural Revolution Cookbook.
Each recipe features a picture and the name of the dish in Chinese on the left page, and the right page provides the recipes with notes from the author and an illustrated historical anecdote.

I don’t remember how I came across The Cultural Revolution Cookbook, but  the idea of pairing food with a little bit of uncensored Chinese communist history fascinated me. The main inspiration and author of the book, Sasha Gong, lived through Cultural Revolution period herself, and instead of commiserating on her fate, she made the most out of it. Through this cookbook, in partnership with Scott Seligman, we get a glimpse of what life at the dinner table was like during the cultural revolution, a part of history somewhat very blurry for me. Continue reading Book Review: The Cultural Revolution Cookbook

Revue Littéraire: La Cuisine Taiwanaise de Su-Chiung

Today, I am reviewing a series of Taiwanese cookbooks written in French, with no English version available, so the rest of this article will be in French, désolé, and literally, pardon my French ;).

Cuisine Taiwanaise de Su-Chiung - Photos du suchiung
Tome 1 de La Cuisine Taiwanaise de Su-Chiung (photos de Su-Chiung)

Molière, me revoilà! C’est fou toute la littérature Taïwanaise traduite en français qui peut bien exister, il n’y a qu’à suivre Lettres de Taïwan pour s’en rendre compte. C’est d’ailleurs ainsi que j’ai découvert la série en 3 petits tomes de La Cuisine Taïwanaise de Su-Chiung. L’auteure, originaire de Kaohsiung, a travaillé dans le monde de la restauration avant de déménager en France pour officier à l’ambassade, oups, je  veux dire au “bureau de représentation de Taipei en France”. Par la suite, elle a retrouvé les fourneaux en tant que chef indépendante. Le choix d’ouvrages en français sur la cuisine Taïwanaise étant plutôt mince, voir inexistant, je suis donc allée voir cela de plus près. Continue reading Revue Littéraire: La Cuisine Taiwanaise de Su-Chiung

Made in Taiwan: Japanese-style Potato Salad

Japanese-style potato salad by @taiwanvore

I recently got around to reading the Japanese Farm Food, a cookbook mémoir, from Nancy Singleton Hachisu. In addition to running an English school, the author is also actively involved with Slow Food Japan, so I was looking forward to discovering her Japanese terroir. In the end, I didn’t jot down as many recipes as I’d hoped, mostly because some key ingredients can be challenging to find in Taiwan, or simply because I don’t have the logistics (yet) to carry out some of her recipes. For sure, I envy her country home kitchen, but for now, my minimal Taiwanese kitchen will do just fine.

One of the recipes that made the cut happened to be the Japanese-syle potato salad. The recipe didn’t look too daunting and the ingredients simple to get. Fortunately, the potato season is upon us, here in Taiwan. Continue reading Made in Taiwan: Japanese-style Potato Salad