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Soy latte woes in Taiwan

Soy lattes are indeed not easy to come by in Taiwan, which is rather paradoxical considering the popularity of soy milk, especially at those traditional breakfast shops.

Last summer, Starbucks started to offer such soy latte, a new offering worthy of a TV news story. Other coffeeshops likely took a cue from that and also started to offer soy lattes as well. Continue reading Soy latte woes in Taiwan

The other bean – Mini Bean 迷你豆 (khh & tpe)

Taking refuge from the cold.
Taking refuge from the cold.

Last week, faced with a list of overdue errands, I took a day off, caved in and rented a scooter to zip around town and take care of it all. Taking advantage of the scooter, I chose to have lunch in the Zuoying area which is a little too remote for me to get to by bicycle, but that’ll be the subject of another post.

Since I have a sweet tooth, I was looking for a sweet ending to my lunch, but most of the restaurants serving Taiwanese food typically don’t do desserts, so I usually find myself hopping to a different place for this last course. I turned on my restaurant finder app, better known as my brain, and failing to think of anything in the Zuoying vicinities, I started making my way to Golden Era 那個年代  for their seasonal hot purple rice sweet soup. On my way there, I’m suddenly reminded of Mini Bean, an organic soybean milk shop near the Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts in the Gushan district. I’m bummed to not have the address on hand, but here comes R14 aka Kaohsiung Arena MRT station, where I quickly hop off my scooter and go underground to go leech some free wifi and get directions. Continue reading The other bean – Mini Bean 迷你豆 (khh & tpe)

The not so hidden dark side of soybean

➤ This article was written in June 2013, for updates on the subject, check here.

If you follow the news from the China Post or the Taipei Times, you may already be familiar with the controversy surrounding soybean imports in Taiwan. Namely, it has come to the public attention that 90% of the imported soybeans are actually GMO, and are originally meant as pig feed. This information is not a recent discovery, but has gained more traction since last year, 2012.

Eco To-Fu should add fighting GMO soybeans in his hobbies (source: http://www.102j.com)
Eco To-Fu to the rescue! (source: http://www.102j.com)

For the conscientious globetrotting consumer, GMO regulations are quite a headache, with each country having a different legal stand on the subject. Are GMO products allowed for human consumption? Is it allowed to feed GMO crops to livestock? How about GMO labelling, in which countries is a legal requirement? If so, at what threshold (you’ll be sad to learn there’s no such thing as 100% Non-GMO) is the GMO label defined?

Sure, this is not everyone’s first worry when moving abroad, especially in places like Taiwan, where figuring out daily necessities is already puzzling enough, but it doesn’t hurt to be a better informed consumer. If you care about what you’re eating, and avoiding GMO soybean, then read on. I’ve tried to condense relevant information, gathered from various Taiwanese articles and my own experience, so I hope you enjoy the reading and learn something useful from it.

Continue reading The not so hidden dark side of soybean