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June 2015 — Kaohsiung, Pier 2. 高雄,波二。
I often pass by dogs, strayed or not, lazily taking naps, oblivious to the urban hubbub. They sure know something about the art of dolce far niente. For the time of a gaze, I envy them a little, they impart me with a sense of inner calm and serenity… before my attention snaps back into the chaos of life.

Cats are all the craze and get all the attention, I’ve even grown to love like them, but deep down, I think that I still have a softer spot for dogs. So, it was refreshing to stumble upon those Taiwan Reminiscences from this dog-centric blog.

I never would have had the curiosity to dig into this subject were it not for a friend mentioning how her brother, who’s living in San Francisco, had adopted a dog… from Taiwan! Continue reading 「汪汪」

Straying Alive 🐶😺

I remember viewing the trailer for Twelve Nights 十二夜 during a pre-show at the movie theater, and as much as I love documentaries, I was not so enthused on watching this one in full (movie review). I mean, if a guy admits to almost weeping from watching this film, I can only imagine crying my heart out throughout each scenes, or have it fuel my cynicism. Either way, the trailer was enough to make me “aware”. Continue reading Straying Alive 🐶😺