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Soy latte woes in Taiwan

Soy lattes are indeed not easy to come by in Taiwan, which is rather paradoxical considering the popularity of soy milk, especially at those traditional breakfast shops.

Last summer, Starbucks started to offer such soy latte, a new offering worthy of a TV news story. Other coffeeshops likely took a cue from that and also started to offer soy lattes as well. Continue reading Soy latte woes in Taiwan

Goût de France / Good France in Taiwan


On Marth 19th, the French government is organizing a worldwide celebration of its culinary culture, called Goût de France (Taste of France) which also happens to sound like Good France. They’ve enlisted 1000 chefs on five continents to put together a menu reflecting quintessential French cuisine (with a note to cook with low content of fat, salt, and sugar), and get across the message that French cuisine is contemporary and of excellence.

There are four restaurants in Taiwan (À table in Tainan, Le Moût in Taichung, Paris 1930 and S.T.A.Y. in Taipei) taking part in this operation, see here for more information.

Prices can be somewhat prohibitive due to the ingredients used for the elaborate menu, but it’s worth noting that French people don’t fine dine everyday, a satisfying French meal can be as simple as that. 😉

The Best of Culture & Creativity, Made in Taiwan

This week, the Taiwanese lifestyle, fashion and art magazine La Vie published a list of the 100 most creative brands, people or public spaces in Taiwan. The ranking is based on an online vote, which gathered a mere total of 12 013 votes. I’m not sure how representative that is, but for anyone interested in discovering what Taiwan has to offer in terms of culture and creativity, this is certainly a great place to start.

In the category for Most Creative Public Space, Kaohsiung’s Pier-2 Art Center ranks first, yay to that 🙂 , and well deserved. For Most Creative Product/Merchandise, Beyond Beauty – Taiwan From Above 看見臺灣, as beautiful as it is, could just not rival with the ad I SEE YOU from EVA Air, much thanks to Takeshi Kaneshiro 金城武 XD . Eslite 誠品 earned the Most Creative title from the selected panel of judges, and rightly so, they’ve certainly done a lot to promote Taiwanese design and creativity over the past few years.

If you still don’t know where to go on this three-days week-end, look through the Most Creative Neighborhood/District or Most Creative Exhibition, chances are you might find something of interest 🙂 .

Taiwanvore Digest #11 – July 2014

Amidst modern urbanity, this vintage water fountain (from the Japanese era?) remains intact,  so far, passing the test of time with flying colors. Somewhere in Kaohsiung.
Somewhere in Kaohsiung, amidst modern urbanity, this vintage water fountain (from the Japanese era?) remains intact and operational, so far, passing the test of time with flying colors. Similar specimens also live on in the vicinities, you just need to  have an eye out for it =^-^=.

So, July is drawing to an end. A fairly quiet month on the blog. I shortly went back to France, where I had a jolly time indulging in all the baguettes, raw milk cheeses, and pastries that can’t be found or matched in Taiwan, or anywhere else in the world for that matter ;).

Still, I was happy to get back home. Walking through the automatic doors leading into the arrival hall of Kaohsiung airport, my olfactory senses immediately assaulted by the scent of tea eggs from Family Mart, stepping outside, marching towards the subway, the scent faded into this indescribable moist odor that permeates the city, the warm and humid air just as quickly fogged up my glasses, indeed, there was no question about it, if my mind was still in a daze, all those physical stimuli slapped me a clear Welcome back! in the face.

Continue reading Taiwanvore Digest #11 – July 2014

Caffé Bene: A Coffee Shop with a Korean Touch (khh)

Order ready for pickup!
Order ready for pickup!

Over the past few weeks, Caffé Bene has kept popping up in my fb timeline and RSS reader, so I finally put am end to my ignorance and investigated to understand the fuss around it.

As it turns out, Caffé Bene is a hip and popular coffee shop brand hailing from Korea, already present in many foreign countries and also playing on Starbucks’ American turf. It was featured in a Korean drama, which help explains people’s excitement for it. Continue reading Caffé Bene: A Coffee Shop with a Korean Touch (khh)