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Follow the bookstores

At Eslite Pier 2 誠品駁二.

Wednesday evening, at Eslite Pier 2 誠品駁二, coloring books are still on display… Should I get one for the four day long Dragon Boat Festival 端午節 week-end?

My attention drifts towards the impressionists coloring book, reviving nightmares of art class in middle school, and then locks in on the 1000 Dot-to-Dot book cover. Continue reading Follow the bookstores

Goût de France / Good France in Taiwan


On Marth 19th, the French government is organizing a worldwide celebration of its culinary culture, called Goût de France (Taste of France) which also happens to sound like Good France. They’ve enlisted 1000 chefs on five continents to put together a menu reflecting quintessential French cuisine (with a note to cook with low content of fat, salt, and sugar), and get across the message that French cuisine is contemporary and of excellence.

There are four restaurants in Taiwan (À table in Tainan, Le Moût in Taichung, Paris 1930 and S.T.A.Y. in Taipei) taking part in this operation, see here for more information.

Prices can be somewhat prohibitive due to the ingredients used for the elaborate menu, but it’s worth noting that French people don’t fine dine everyday, a satisfying French meal can be as simple as that. 😉

Chilling at Café Douceur 甜在心咖啡館 (tnn)

Café Douceur
Kids’ friendly storefront with swing seats (parental supervision recommended) and a small wooden house.

Ever since TRA started allowing the iPass 一卡通 on its southern railway network, drifting over to Tainan has gotten that much easier. No longer need to queue up to purchase a train ticket, just swipe the iPass, jump onboard, and thirty minutes or an hour later depending on the trains, welcome to Tainan!

Well before roasting coffee beans in-store was “the thing”, Café Douceur was already at it. The owners were and still are committed to coffee. Tucked in a small alley on the front side of the Tainan main train station, the coffee shop appeared the same as I remembered it to be, but then looking at older pictures, I realized that I was experiencing a memory failure. The furniture had actually gone through a makeover with study tables and four-legged chairs giving way to coffee tables and sofas, creating a cozy atmosphere for chatting instead of studying. On an elevated platform on the back, they had also created a Zen corner with a small coffee table re-purposed into a chabudai,  and since that was the last empty spot, I felt lucky to be seated there, or so I thought. Continue reading Chilling at Café Douceur 甜在心咖啡館 (tnn)