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Some caffeinated links

Merry X’mas from MOS Burger. 🙂

I’m struggling to finish a post, grrr, so I thought I’d take a break from it, and post this quick one to get some thoughts out of my head, and have a small sense of self-achievement from pressing Publish, haha. 😁

I wish I could send a little something (like stationary stickers 😆) to everyone following this blog, or enjoying things (and sometime nonsense) I share on my other social media outlets, but that’s logistically a bit challenging unless I could enlist some little helpers the way Santa Claus does.  Continue reading Some caffeinated links

Follow the bookstores

At Eslite Pier 2 誠品駁二.

Wednesday evening, at Eslite Pier 2 誠品駁二, coloring books are still on display… Should I get one for the four day long Dragon Boat Festival 端午節 week-end?

My attention drifts towards the impressionists coloring book, reviving nightmares of art class in middle school, and then locks in on the 1000 Dot-to-Dot book cover. Continue reading Follow the bookstores

The Search for General Tso å°‹æ‰¾å·¦å®—棠

Third floor viewing room. Surprisingly, it didn’t feel like watching a movie inside a fridge, the air-conditioner was set just right 😌.

True to my word, I finally went to watch a movie at the Kaohsiung Film Archive (KFA) 高雄市電影館, and even signed-up for a KFA membership, woohoo, exciting, isn’t it? The process involved going to the second floor of the building, interrupting the posse of volunteer obasans in the middle of their gossip session, filling-out a form (need the ARC card), paying nothing, and walking away with yet another membership card, pre-loaded with three points. Continue reading The Search for General Tso å°‹æ‰¾å·¦å®—棠

All Day Roasting Company (tpe)

Something intense about the matcha at ADRC.

I wasn’t planning to write about All Day Roasting Company (ADRC), but then, I was 摸魚ing “practicing” my 閱讀 on fb, so I might as well have something to show for it. Continue reading All Day Roasting Company (tpe)

Minsheng Community Urban Garden æ…ˆæ©çœ·æ‘的社區園圃

Location-tagged as “最美麗的社區…”, meaning “the most beautiful neighborhood”. Local residents are undoubtedly proud of their community. (source: @dearclarissa)

Community urban gardens have become quite the craze in the “Western World”, so much that many cities even have waiting-lists to get a plot! For some reasons, I was under the impression that the Minsheng urban garden was a long-time fixture of the neighborhood, but looking back at the picture above, dating from the beginning of 2015, it actually appears to be a recent project. Continue reading Minsheng Community Urban Garden æ…ˆæ©çœ·æ‘的社區園圃