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Food is Medicine

2016 didn’t let go of me so easily. I ended up catching a nasty cold during its last week. An icky cold, one that impairs the mind to think clearly, and weakens the body enough that performing mundane daily tasks can feel so physically excruciating .

It all the more put a damp on my morale as I’m never keen on letting family which are miles away, be worried about my miserable state, and knowing them feel powerless of not being closer to help with the healing process by cooking me comforting food like only they know how to do. Continue reading Food is Medicine

DinTaiFung 鼎泰豐: Taste, Service, Service

Ms. Meow Meow
Ms. Meow Meow ^^

Besides the cute public art at the Taoyuan airport, nothing says “Welcome to Taiwan” better than a first meal at the flagship DinTaiFung on Yongkang street.

After freshly picking up my friend in the wee hours, 6am(!), making it back to Taipei, dropping off luggages and a quick rest, the timing was just perfect to hit DinTaiFung at opening time, and conveniently avoid their infamous crowd. It had been a while since my last time there, so it was nice to check back in.

Be it food or service, I don’t recall any bad experience at DinTaiFung, and on this visit, I was particularly blown away by their service, so smooth, very helpful, efficient, all smile, and cordial. As we sat down, someone came by to help us put our personal belongings away, when I started ordering, the waitress suggested that I get half a serving of the shrimp shumai to leave some appetite for other dishes, and indicated that the (pricey) truffle xiaolongbao could be purchased individually, but I was in to treat my guest so I sticked with the full serving skype_tongue_out. Continue reading DinTaiFung 鼎泰豐: Taste, Service, Service