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Has my 閱讀 Chinese reading improved?

Stone tablet, in Puli 埔里.

Over the years, I’ve noticed a few cues indicating that my 閱讀 had improved, and surprised myself at that! Indeed, I’ve been studying Chinese for a while now, but sometimes it feels like I’m just treading water, so these small epiphanies that I’m making strides forward are always encouraging.

In case you’re in a similar self-Chinese-learning journey, here are some suggested milestones to aim for, listed in the order I’ve reached them: Continue reading Has my 閱讀 Chinese reading improved?

[閱讀] Chinese quiproquo

The blackboard menu at Café 自然醒.
Did you know that Taiwan also grows its own coffee beans? Ironically, only a few coffee shops sell a cup of Taiwanese Joe. Due to the cost of labor, its price is significantly higher than imported beans.

Quiproquo is a French word (of Latin origin) for “misunderstanding”, in theatrical plays, it’s a way to create a twist of event, often to obtain a humorous outcome or tragicomedy. Too bad it’s not part of the English lexicon, but that shan’t prevent me from pretending that it does, hehe. 😛

Anyway! I’m feeling studious today, so let me share a cute little story in Chinese. It was forwarded by a friend who loves spamming me with all kinds of random stories, pictures and videos (Tibetan sky burial? Not again please.), so I usually ignore most of it, until that time where I actually got quizzed on the “spam of the day”. Continue reading [閱讀] Chinese quiproquo

Food Vocabulary in Taiwanese/Minnan

One dish on the menu of Old-Style Dongpo Pork 東坡鮮肉飯 is “written in Taiwanese”, can you guess which one? 😉

Recently, I made the soft resolution to learn Taiwanese, just to be a bit more aware of my surroundings. And last Friday, while attending Chen Chu‘s re-election rally (more out of curiosity than of partisanship), I was clearly reminded of how useful that’d be since 99.99% of the speeches were given in Taiwanese 😖. Nevertheless, the event was quite jolly, with artists and local officials taking turns performing Taiwanese songs, and even a mini night-market setup for the occasion. Amazingly, I think I managed to get the gist of what elected officials were enthusiastically babbling about, so I guess, I’ve been unconsciously learning Taiwanese all along. Continue reading Food Vocabulary in Taiwanese/Minnan