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May 2015 – 戰勝自己

Love the funky drawings at this friendly juice stand. ^^ (a cute one from last year.)

Well, I’m currently surfing on a Murphy’s Law wave of some sort, so I’ll make this one short, and avoid delaying this monthly post more than it is already. 😖

I’ve written quite a few posts since starting this blog, so I did a little curation to unearth some of the more interesting articles, as can be seen on the right column. I’m still fixing broken links here and there, because how annoying is it to click and land on an page that is no more As much I can, I try to avoid this deception, but really, what is really needed is a complete facelift for this blog, in a near near future, I hope!

Thanks for following. 🙂 Continue reading May 2015 – 戰勝自己

April 2015 – 亡羊補牢

The crane who was also a giraffe, sailing aboard the Ocean Researcher I, seen here taking a rest. Spotted at the Pier-2 Art Center 駁二, Kaohsiung 高雄.

If I didn’t blog much in April, I’m at least happy to have finally published the book review of 《我的青春、我的FORMOSA》, and even mustered the energy to write a French version of the post, oh la la! If you’re studying Chinese or are already a Chinese literate  and looking for a friendly introduction to the recent history of Taiwan, I highly recommend it.

Looking up information, writing and translating used up more blogging bandwidth than expected, and so partly explains the slower activity around here, as of late. Continue reading April 2015 – 亡羊補牢

Taiwanvore Digest #16 – December 2014

Here’s a specimen of the the bane of my existence in Taiwan: mosquitoes! I am one of those who happen to attract mosquitoes, and I wouldn’t mind them sucking on my blood so much if only they didn’t leave some saliva behind. I used to smack them, but a wall splattered with specks of blood isn’t fengshui recommended, so I’ve now resorted to capturing and releasing them, ‘hoping that it’ll gain me some karmic point down the road. 😉

Pheww, did December just flew by?

For this last Taiwanvore Digest edition of the year, I thought I’d share some Taiwan-centric blogs I’ve enjoyed reading, a list to be tacked onto Taiwan Explorer’s 10 well designed Taiwan blogs (who kindly included me in it, haha). The list is non-exhaustive, but I have a blogroll in the works where I’ll share more of my favorite blogs. And as usual, I’ve done a recap of tweets that’ll speak for themselves.

I will still do a monthly round-up kind of thing next year, maybe in a different format, under a new name or a new schedule, I’m not sure yet, we shall see. Continue reading Taiwanvore Digest #16 – December 2014

Taiwanvore Digest #15 – November 2014

At last, I visited the infamous Monkey Mountain. Although the trail is more of an intensive walk than hiking, I still felt it’d be nice to have a walking stick, but came unprepared, so what an unexpected pleasant surprise it was to see some fallen branches repurposed as wooden sticks at the start of the trail (from Gushan High School), free for anyone to use.

This is quite embarrassing, posting this more than a week into December, so much that I’m not publicizing it on my twitter, haha, hoping it goes unnoticed 😬. If I haven’t been the most punctual with those monthly digests, I still mean to keep up the series until the end of the year, and will review later how to do those monthly roundups… we shall see.

November is/was the month of Thanksgiving, so thank you for your readership, 感謝 for taking the time to leave comments and/or engage on twitter, and brownie points to those sharing articles that piqued your interest. 🙂 Continue reading Taiwanvore Digest #15 – November 2014

Taiwanvore Digest #14 – October 2014

Ice Truck
In Taiwan, many desserts and beverages shops get their ice cubes delivered throughout the day. The delivery man (I’ve never seen a woman do it) always jumps off his driver seat, open the fridge-trunk, loads a bag on his shoulder and whizes into the shop, never taking the time to close the door behind him.

October has come and gone, and could have done without yet another food scandal. On the bright side, I unleashed the GMO watch-dogs who brought back some optimistic news for the future. In the middle of it all, I had the honor of being asked for a radio interview to discuss the organic farmers’ market  trend in Taiwan, but honestly, aside from slapping some information together on the subject, I am no expert (or am just too modest ^^’ ), and so I kindly suggested someone more appropriate and knowledgeable, hehe (Annie, I hope the interview pans out for you!).

With two months lefts, before we roll into 2015(!), my self-assigned challenge of eating through and reviewing the 100 establishments from the 雄好呷 book before the end of the year is clearly a lost cause XD . I’ve actually eaten at more than the 15 places reviewed, but the inspiration to write isn’t always there, and I’ve also kept going back to some favorite haunts instead of venturing into unknown territory. Ah well, as they say here, 慢慢來.

Tomorrow is October 31st, so Happy Halloween! And enjoy yet another monthly mash-up, courtesy of yours truly. Cheers! 🍸 Continue reading Taiwanvore Digest #14 – October 2014