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On a Kawaii note: Miniature Space

Over the past week, a few cooking videos shot in a miniature kitchen have been popping up on my fb timeline. This cute project, Miniature Space, has only a YouTube channel to its name, but the videos have been going quite viral.

For the Miyazaki’s fans out there, this gives us a cool glimpse at what it must feel like to cook as a miniature person, like Arriety. 😉

Here’s my favorite video where the author is cooking Japanese curry. Just listen to the sound of the sizzling ingredients and the bubbling pot, isn’t this appetizing?!

This Group Of People (TGOP) 這群人

I don’t have cable TV so I entertain myself online 🙂 .

Recently, I discovered  This Group Of People 這群人, or actually re-discovered since I had seen their own version of Gangnam style. I was told that TGOP 這群人 would help me better understand Taiwanese people, 😮 , really?

The group is composed of six jolly members, they have become famous for their online videos spoofing Taiwanese TV and scenes from daily life in Taiwan. Some clips are sometimes hard to relate to because they reference situations growing up as a Taiwanese or require an appreciation of TWDrama, but for the most part the humor is pretty in-your-face and quite hilarious XD .

Like them on facebook to keep up with their latest, and catch up on  their past videos on YouTube.

Typical Taiwanese hospitality.

Click to watch more of my favorite clips from TGOP 這群人

Next Month in Movie Theaters: Bread Master Wu Pao Chun’s Biography

Finally a movie compelling enough to drag me to the movie theater, next month, starting July 19th. I’ll just need to remember to bring a jacket to avoid freezing from the always over-air-conditioned room.

The movie is titled 【世界第一麥方(ㄆㄤˋ)】, meaning “The World’s Best Bread” in reference to his winning award at the Bakery World Cup in 2010. The trailer came out just a few days ago, and looks promising. It feels like the dialogues will have more Taiwanese dialect than I can comprehend, which I don’t mind so much and actually feel pleasant to the ear.

Actually, even the movie title contains some Taiwanese, the word “麥方” (mài fāng), and it even kindly indicates the pronunciation using the BoPoMoFo phonetic system. When put together, the symbols 「ㄆㄤˋ」translates into 「pàng」. Those familiar with Romance languages or Japanese should not be stranger with this word, as it sounds very close to the word bread like “pain” for French, or “pan” for Spanish and Japanese. Indeed, during the Japanese occupation of the island, quite a few Western-influenced-Japanese-words made it into the Taiwanese dialect. What a great surprise that knowing a Romance language can actually help with understanding the Taiwanese dialect.

Maybe just in time for the movie opening, or not, but Wu Pao Chun will finally open his second store in Taipei, that should be exciting!

Here’s the trailer, enjoy!

en Français

Taïwanvore Digest #2

Well, it looks like it’s time for another digest, a short one but still with some cool information. Enjoy!

In the Blogverse
Through the wonders of the WordPress blogs discovery vortex, I recently discovered Taipei Cats Café, which as its names describes is dedicated to bring readers the latest on the cats coffeehouse scene in Taipei. Apparently, the first cat café concept was really born in Taipei. For those wanting a little furry company, this sounds like the kind of place to be.
My other pick come from Recipes of City Life, where mimi muses about food and life, both in English and Chinese. I find myself particularly drawn to her food-related illustrations, bringing a nice Taiwanese touch.

A Blacksmith in Kinmen
How surprised I was to learn that Kinmen, one of Taiwan’s military outpost, was home to a blacksmith, Maestro Wu. Recycling remnant artillery shells from past military conflicts, Maestro Wu turn them into quality knives. On the company’s website (only Chinese), we can have a glance of the process, from bombshell-to-knife, and peruse through the knives catalogue. Prices are reasonably ranged from 40-200 USD. Pockets knives are available, as well as “outdoor” knives which appear to actually be for hunting purpose. However, if you’re really serious about getting a real hunting knife, you may be interested in earning it after passing through the Rukai tribe’s rituals and ceremonies.

Kitchen Tip
Since I am on the topic of knives, here’s a cheap and handy tip to sharpen your knives: first, wet your knife, take a plate which you’re not emotionally attached to, using the bottom of the plate, sharpen your knife against the rim, wet you knife as needed again along the process. Now, I would not recommend using this method with your most cherished knife, since I imagine it may cause minor damages to the blade. I caught this tip while walking on the streets, while a cook was prepping for dinner service, the beauty of open kitchen in Asia.

Another Ode to Bubble Tea
The Transition band is at it again, and has come up with a song in honour of bubble tea, called  Lost Cowboy/迷路的牛仔. A totally different vibe compared to the bubbly Bobalife, but still in style, British style that is. Check them out!

Bobalife: Bubble Tea Hip-Hop Style

I stumbled upon a fun video clip this week-end, Bobalife. After watching it, you’ll definitely feel a lot cooler next time you grab one of those boba drink. Thank you Fung Bros for making bubble tea sound so hip!

Voici une petite vidéo intitulé Bobalife, pour vous faire commencer la semaine sur de bon augure. Attention, vous aurez certainement par la suite une envie soudaine de thé aux perles, je vous aurez avertie! 😉